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No description

Karissa Sharp

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Crossed

By: Ally Condie Exposition Rising Action Rising Action Rising Action Cassia finds her name written on a tree, showing that Ky passed that area giving Cassia hope that he was still alive. After Ky was sent out into the outer provinces to his sure death, Cassia is determined to find and bring back the love of her life. She’s willing to do it even if it means risking everything and everybody that she has ever loved in her life. Rising Action Crossed Cassia sneaks onto one of the air ships moving people to the work camps in the outer provinces, thinking that she could possibly see Ky there. Ky runs away with Vick and Eli from the work camp into the nearby carving to try and get back to the society to find the love of his life, Cassia. Cassia learns that Ky has run away from the work camp so she runs away also with her friend Indie to go and search for Ky. Cassia, after almost losing hope, reaches the top of the mountain and can see Ky, they both run to each other and continue the rest of the journey together. Rising Action Cassia, Ky, Indie and Eli wonder into a village and finds a man named Hunter who is willing to help them find their way as long as he gets something in return. Rising Action Cassia, Ky, Indie, Eli and Hunter find thousands of tubes containing tissue samples from the people back in the society hidden in a secret cave. Rising Action Cassia, Indie and Ky all decide to go and find the Rising, even though Ky doesn't trust it, he does it for Cassia. On the other hand Hunter and Eli decide to keep going and not join the Rising. Climax Indie and Cassia set off to find the rising in a boat while Ky runs on foot and will meet up with them later. After battling up the river Cassia and Indie make it to a lake where the Rising members come out and take them back to the base, where they are asked several questions, but Ky did not arrive yet. Falling Action Cassia and Indie were both accepted into the Rising, Indie doesn't know what her job in it is going to be, but Cassia was told that she would be best for the Rising from inside the society, so shes sent back to into the society. After Cassia leaves Ky finally gets there and is told that the best thing for him would for him to be a pilot for the air crafts. So Ky and Cassia get separated before they got to say goodbye. But somehow Ky got a message sent to Cassia telling her that they are going to meet again soon. Resolution
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