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Tavares Johnson

No description

tavares johnson

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Tavares Johnson

Tavares Johnson
reading response project

what are the three main points of what you read
1: wheels are round so they have less friction

2: different wheels sizes for different machines

3: friction a rubbing of one object against another

in what ways do you agree or disagree with what you read
i agree with what i read because if you have less friction you can roll faster but with more friction you move slower
how does what you read connect to your life or what does it remind you of
it reminds me of my life because i ride my bike and my bike has round wheels so i have less friction when i'm riding my bike
level 1 quistions
what information is given? the article gives information about wheels and there friction
level 2 quistions
what would you have done the same thing as? getting round wheels to have less friction
level 3 qustions
predict what will happen in the future? i think people will continue using round wheels
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