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Integrated Marketing Communications - MKT 704

No description

Mayun Kaluthantri

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Integrated Marketing Communications - MKT 704

Why Use IMC?
Integrated Marketing Plan
Integrated Marketing Communications
Evolution of IMC Over time
IMC to Optimize Communication Objectives
What is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) ?
IMC is the process of
about a

to which a
moves the consumer toward a
maintains customer loyalty
. (Schultz 1991)
IMC is the
of a marketing communications campaign, using a
set if
communication objectives
look and feel to all aspects of the campaign (Percy & Elliot 2015)
Category Need
Brand Awareness
Brand Attitude
Brand Purchase Intention
Limitations of IMC !
Overcoming Limitations through Future Research
1. Decision-making Structure & Communication Barriers
Intangible assets - How the Organization 'thinks' & culture
Poor inter-departmental communication
Individual difference theory
(Senior and Swailes, 2010; Armenakis et al., 1993)

2. Manager & Leadership Perceptions of IMC
Resistance to change and politics & power
Already implemented 'IMC'
Success syndrome & Unfreezing Concept (Lewin 1950)
(Percy and Rosenbaum- Elliot, 2012; Rosenbaum- Elliot et al., 2015)

3. Difficulties in Measuring ROI
Due to integration of various media, difficulties in tracking, measuring and establishing relationship between IMC and Org. Performance
(Blythe 2009; Holley et al 2012)
“A trailblazer in marketing strategy” (Marketline, 2012)

Implementation of IMC
Consumers see a single Brand communicating on different media channels
Individual Communications mix elements of a Brand

Therefore marketing mix elements are not mutually exclusive to customers
1. Advertising and Promotions Synergy
Long term and Tactical Short term
'Ratchet Effect'
(Percy & Elliot 2015)

2. Impact on Brand identity and Equity
Creation and maintenance of Brand Equity among Customers & Stakeholders
(Schultz & Kitchen 1997)

3. Effective Marketing Communication
Measured impact of Branding and Communication on Organizational performance
Integrated Sales promotions, advertising, PR etc. contributing to effective Branding & Communication
(Schultz, Kim & Kang 2014)
More reasons..
Drivers of IMC
Growing focus on Customer needs and not company needs

Due to increased use of multiple agencies, integration is necessary to create a consistent message

Not only a consistent message but mkt. comm. should be consistent with the rest of the mkt. mix

IMC connects mkt. comm. to buyer behavior

(Percy and Rosenbaum- Elliot, 2012; Rosenbaum- Elliot et al., 2015; Blythe 2009; Holley et al., 2012)

Growth and fragmentation of media platforms and audience
(Clow & Baack 2007)
Technological Developments
Core Objective of IMC
The objective of Integrated Marketing Communications is to
a brand or service above its competitors to achieve brand equity. (McLaughlin 1997, 27)
1. IMC and internal marketing issues and corporate communications

2. IMC and branding, brand equity, identity and outcomes

3. IMC and media planning, media measurement, and integration/synergy of multiple media

(Kliatchko, 2008)
Good integrated mkt. comm, influences customer's attitudes towards brands, its performance and purchase power

Non-integrated marketing communications also adds noise, on top of existing competitor noise
(Cornelissen, Christensen, & Vijn, 2006)
4E's of IMC
Pickton & Broderick 2005
4C's of IMC
Pickton & Broderick 2005
Four Pillars of IMC
(T. Reinold and J. Tropp, 2012)
In Line with;
Brand Objectives
Brand Foundations
Communication Objectives
(Kaijansinkko, 2003 ; Lomas 2016)
Measuring IMC Effectiveness
Measure each media platform individually and against each other

Evaluated IMC plan/program against its objectives and goals

(Schultz, D., & Kitchen, P 1997 )

Campaign Tracking can be done through;
Exposure measures
Processing Measures
Communication Effects
Target Audience Action

Campaign Wearout

(Percy & Ellitot 2012)
What is Integrated Marketing Communications ?

Why Use Integrated Marketing Communications?

Implementing Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing in Practice

Limitations of Integrated Marketing Communications

Overcoming Limitations of Integrated Marketing Communications
Fahad Alkharashi
Luis Bruzzichessi
Chevonne Clay
Mayun Kalutantri
First definition in 1989 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies)
“An approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other. " (Reinhart cited Percy 2014)
First Academic Course in 1991 by Medill University
Started teaching IMC in graduate level
First Academic Publication in 1993
Schultz, Tannenbaum and Lauterborn puplished first book on IMC
Contemporary Research Topics of IMC
(Clow, Kenneth E.; Baack, Donald E. 2006 & Kliatchko 2008)
Tactical Coordination of Marketing Communications
IMC Development Stages in an Organization (Schultz and Kitchen, 2000)
Redefining the Scope of Marketing Communications
Application of Information Technology
Financial and Strategic Integration

(Warc 2012)
(D&AD 2015)
Most easily quantifiable and measurable IMC Objective
(Prickton & Broderic 2011)
(Bell & Paul 2002; Kotler 2012; Whitside )
(Mars 2015; Alex 2014)
Internal and External Organizational Factors
Affect on integrated marketing communication could reveal possible solutions to effective IMC (Schultz & Kitchen, 1997)

Studying the Integration of the Marketing Mix and Communications Mix
Study of the link between price, product, distribution and marketing communication and its relationship with organization performance could help develop the future of IMC

Future studies to be done qualitatively
Through case studies on brand equity of a particular brand through brand development (Kaijansinkko, 2003)

Agency Surveys
Aimed at investigating brand identity factors, can help develop effective IMC programs and hence result into higher brand equity among customers.

Organizational Culture and Structure
Future research on relationship between Organization Culture and Structure with the development of IMC strategy

Information technology and data base systems advancements

Promotion of geographical integration and corporate communications

Future research will also be able to develop the field by establishing a relationship between product history, sales and basis for IMC planing (Schultz & Kitchen, 1997)
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