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Managing Employees Working from Home

No description

Melanie Swan

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Managing Employees Working from Home

Getting Help
About WFH

The risks for employers

Minimising the risks

Getting Help

Common Working from Home Arrangements
The Risks
Risks Are Real!
Managing Employees
Working from Home

Minimising the Risks
About WFH
What is a Workplace?
Your Obligations
What is reasonably practical?
What it means for you
“a place where work is carried out for a business or undertaking and includes any place where a worker goes, or is likely to be while at work”

What is a Workplace?

Full or part time at home
Take work home on regular basis
Tender/Complex document writing
Contractors vs. Employees

Common Working from Home Arrangements

Fair Work Act allows employees to request flexible working arrangements
Government promoting working from home (Telework) as part of NBN strategy


Part of strategy to keep talented staff (Work/Life Balance)
Potential for reduced office costs
Employ staff not located near you


No supervision
No social interaction – reduction in team coherence
Liable for Employee’s safety while at same time having limited control over home working environment
Eliminate or minimise hazards and risks – as far as is reasonably practicable
Consult with workers
Report incidents to regulator
Comply with notices, directions, etc., from regulator
Comply with relevant regulations, codes of practice and guidelines

Summary of Obligations

Must take into account

Likelihood of hazard or risk occurring
Degree of harm
What person ought reasonably know about hazard/risk and ways of eliminating or minimising risk
Availability of suitability or ways to eliminate or minimise risk
After assessing extent of risk, the cost, including whether cost is disproportionate to the risk

Approval process
Collect information re HBW
Assess risks (physical survey)
Identify controls
Approve or reject
Conditional approval
PCBU and worker obligations

What You Need To Do
WorkSafe ACT
Australian Health and Safety Services
Chamberlains Law Firm
Managing Employees Working From Home
Section 8 of Work Health and Safety Act
What is reasonably practical?
David Segrott M 0417 252 215
Scott Chamberlain M 0420 361 482
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