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friends of friends

community clinic & center for empowerment

Adriana Gobbato

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of friends of friends

Phase 1
Phase 2
OK! What a bright idea!
So…we talked with friends about it…

“we have a dream of making a community clinic, art and seminar/school center"
we wish to be people who can facilitate health and education.

Every one thought WOW! What an amazing idea…we want to participate

So they told their friends and they also want to take part.
So now we are a group of friends of friends
who want to participate in making the world a better place through kindness.
Some are fund raising,
others are sharing knowledge,
others helping with labor to build or plant,
others participating in the clinics
So… we have all we need!
…. Almost…
We started a reforestation and conservation project in the area of Izabal, Guatemala. simultaneously we decided to provide support and share joy along with environmental and educational practices.
Knowing the needs, we have been lead to ask our selves… What ARE WE going to do about it? There is not any true and real education which prepares us for dignity and there are no clinics or basic medical care for kilometers… so lets make a clinic! Then we can Support the less privileged and the almost nonexistent health system in rural Guatemala:

1. We can do de-worming programs for children in villages and schools around the farm
2. We can also have a clinic where medical care and preventive measures can be offered
3. We can distribute vitamins to elders, pregnant women, children...

and what can
we do about education and dignity?
friends of friends
Well… welcome to the jungle!
YES!!! The tropical rain forest… lots of water… and no road access And no toiletes… ok… dry compost toilette.
So thanks to some amazing Aussie mates and some adventurous Jungle boys and gals we got a road going and toiletes and gave maintenance to a couple of cabins to stay at!

Ok so NOW we REALLY have all we need
to start the
...weeks later & after truck loads of construction material and creative Guatemalan
hand labor, the amazing found raising, few Guatemalans and their organizational skills,
few mosquito and tick bites...
(yes, don't forget the jungle part)

we have the foundation and first floor of the clinic done!

is road access to our farm which allows us to assist at least 3 neighboring communities with health practices using traditional and



ongoing alive educational project of interchanging knowledge.

Locals are being
Friends of friends
are being
Community Clinic & Center
After years of work and getting to know the people and doing clinics in various parts of Guatemala and other countries; we came to realize what is needed:
Dignity, Education and Health.
We can do a
to hold
and share our knowledge with others on subjects like: environmental awareness, education, greener energy… care for the land, health and sanitizing; also about hand crafts and arts that can open a door to fair trade with international market.
Phase 3
The best news! We are ready to have friends and friends of friends (volunteers) come over and participate in building the second floor of the clinic which later on will be lodging for our volunteers! Come participate and help us to help! You can learn about great alternatives... and you can come do a weaved thatched roof and learn how to do it…
come and cook with improved fire stoves...

these and many more exchange opportunities awaiting!
Many thanks
Many more
Thanks !
Maya Friends
Marit Grimsrud
Solfrid & Erick Lovmo
Andreas Halm
Adriana Gobbato
Asborg & Espen Halvorsen
again thank you!
Each and everyone of you
Frank & Astri Aune
Christina Christou
Liv-Anette Tjernaes
Michael O'brien
Stefan Assmann
Wenche & Eys-Kja
friends of friends
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