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FoG3 Unit 1

Simple Present & Present Progressive

Stephanie Landon

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of FoG3 Unit 1

1. Sandra ____________(watch) television in the living room right now.

2. Sam __________(study) English at College of the Desert.

3. Students usually __________ (like ) when the teacher gives them easy homework.

4. English __________ (take) a lot of practice to learn.

5. These days the students at COD ____________(feel) nervous because they are in new classes.
Fill in the blanks with the
correct present verb tense

Guided Practice
Simple Present
Present Progressive
Find 5 rules for each on pp. 4-5
Write them in your notes
Tell your group something:
1. you are doing right now.
2. you do everyday.
3. you are doing this year.
4. you always do.
5. you never do.
6. about how you feel.
1. Write 3 questions using the simple present tense and 3 questions using the present progressive.
2. Take turns asking each other the questions.
Question forms
Look at pg. 4 for the question forms.
1. Anna sits next to me today.

2. Jose is study his grammar every day before class.

3. Marie eat yogurt in class right now.

4. The teacher usually is giving a test on Wednesdays.

5. The students never speaks Spanish in class.

6. Miki works in the lab this month.

7. I am having a big family.
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