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Holden's Journey The Catcher in the Rye

No description

Nora Kowalke

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Holden's Journey The Catcher in the Rye

Holden's Journey
By Nora Kowalke
Penn Station
It is the first place he is when he gets to New York. Right away he goes to the phone booth to call someone because he's lonely.

Page 59
"So i couldn't call her up. She wouldn't v'e cared if I'd woke her up, but the trouble was she wouldn't v'e been the one to answer. my parents would be the ones.
In the begining of the book it talks about the old carosel being put back together and in the end of the story it brings up that carosel, its a metaphor for holden being put back together again after the rain falls and he feels happy.
The End
Edmont Hotel
Page 61.
" they gave me this crumby room, with nothingto look out of the window at except the other side of the hotel. I didn't care much, I was to depressed to care whether the view was good or not."

This was the first place holden stayed. This is where he met the three girls in the lavendar bar from Washington.
Grand central station (sandwich Bar)
Holden came to the grand central station to but some of his stuff in a locker area. He went to the sandwich bar and talked to the nuns about books, like
Romeo and Juliet

Ernies Bar
Ernies is a bar D.B. used to take him to.

"Hes a terriffic snob and he wont hardly even talk to you unless your a big shot or a celebrity or something, but he can really play the piano."
Edmont Hotel Again
The second time is when he meets maurice and sunny, and gets beat up for not paying fivthteen dollars and only five.

Page 98
" He said five. I'm sorry I really am but thats all I'm going to shell out."
He went to get phoebe a record called the Little Shirley Beans, and tickets for the show with sally.

page 116
" I went over and bought two orchestra seats for I Know My Love. It was a benefit performance or something. I'd didn't want to go but, I knew old sally, the queen of the phonies would start drooling all over the place when I told her I had tickets for that, becaue the Lunts were in it and all."
Museum of Natural History
Holden had came to the museum looking for Phoebe and rememancing in the way school used to be when he was young.
This is where holden picks up sally for their date.
Holden and sally go to see the lunts, and holden hates shows and actors.
Radio City
After the show Sally wants to go iceskating so they go to radiocity because they have a type of skirt.
Wicker Bar
He goes to the bar and meets Carl Luce who knows a lot about perverts and homosexuals.
Central Park
Holden goes to the park when he is drunk and he's looking for the ducks, and ends up breaking phoebe record that he bought her.
His Home
He decides to go home when hes drunk. Pheobe is glad to see him until she finds out he has flunked out. Pheobe hides holden in the closet when his parents arrive home.
Grand Central Station
Holden decieds that hes going to leave so he gives pheobe a note to meet her and to say goodbye.
Mr. Antioli Apartments
he stays the night at Mr Antioli's apartment, and woke up to him petting him.
Natural History Museum
Central Park Zoo
he decides to go to the zoo with phoebe instead of leaving her. And they ride the carousel.
pheobe meets holden at the museum with a suitcase, she wants to come with him and they argue.
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