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The mystery of The Pollock Twins

No description

Nekeila Burgo

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of The mystery of The Pollock Twins

1 year Later
One year later the mother and father of the girls who died in the accident had twins.Two baby girls named Gillian and Jennifer.
Something Weird
One of the younger twins,Jennifer, had birthmarks at the same place that Jacqueline had them.
Later the twins asked their parents for the same toys that Joanna and Jacqueline had,they had never hear of those toys before.
At about the same time the twins began to ask to go to the same park that the other girls used to go to that they never before heard of or been to before.
Theory #2
Dr. Ian Stevenson who is a parapsychologist studied the case about the strange Pollock twins.This case starts out examining the history of the Pollock family.
First, Mr. and Mrs. Pollock had had two daughters prior to having the twins,when they died due to an automobile striking them while they were walking.
The sisters were very close and the parents grieved greatly when this tragedy happened; however,Mrs. Pollock became pregnant one year after the accident and the father insisted it would be twin girls despite doctors disagreeing.
When Mrs. Pollock did give birth it was twin girls who they name Jennifer and Gillian.Dr. Ivan Stevenson predicted "the twins were reincarnations of their departed sisters."
Thank you!
One day in Northunberland, England on May 5th, 1957 two sisters, Joanna (11) and Jacqueline (6) died in a tragic car accident on their way to church with their school friend, Anthony Layden.
The mystery of The Pollock Twins
After two girls died, their mother and father had twins.Do the twins know who their older sisters were.
We are in 2014 and noone knows the truth about the Pollock twins.Nobody knows what happened to the twins,there may be theories but we do not know for sure.Maybe someday we will all know what happened to the Pollock twins.
A long time ago.....
Most of the cases researched by Tucker and Stevenson are from countries with strong cultural beliefs in reincarnation but incidences in the West, such as that of the Pollock twins, are on the increase.‘It’s true more cases seem to occur in countries such as Sri Lanka and India,’ Tucker says. ‘But that is because people there tend to look for the signs. In the West, people don’t feel able to talk about things like this.
‘We set up a website two years ago for people to post their own stories and we have had more than 100 new reported cases in America.’
Children who show signs of having past-life memories tend to lose them as they get older but this is an inherent trait of growing up, Tucker says.
‘All children lose their memories of being toddlers when they reach six or seven,’ he said
‘The best interpretation of the evidence is that there can be cases in which memories can be carried over from one life to another,’ he says.

Theory #3
Quantum physicsAccording to Tucker, mainstream science dismisses reincarnation as it does not fit in with a materialist view of the universe. But he hopes proof of reincarnation lies in quantum physics.

‘The cases we present are not proof but evidence of the possibility of reincarnation,’ he says. ‘Quantum mechanics may one day prove that consciousness is an entity separate from the functioning brain. From there, the possibility of consciousness being transferred from one body to another becomes more feasible.’

Dr Susan Huelga, a lecturer in quantum mechanics at the University Of Hertfordshire, disagrees.

‘The mechanisms of brain dynamics are extraordinarily complex,’ she says. ‘Their study requires a combination of ideas from physics, biochemistry and physiology. However, there’s no evidence quantum mechanics is relevant any more than asking quantum mechanics to prove or disprove the existence of God.’

Tucker wants people to make their own conclusions. But the more evidence he finds, the more he is convinced.
MY theory
My theory is that The pollock twins is a fake story and that the parents made up the whole thing and its a hoax.The parents might have believed that if they pretended that their new babies remembered the old girls they would get attention.Their girls really died in a tragic car crash and then they got lonly and had new babies,and then like I said for attention they told their new babies all about their older siblings that had passed away.
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