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Roots of Classic Rock

No description

Eden Hamby

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Roots of Classic Rock

Roots of Classic Rock

Eden S. Hamby
Rock music is Western. Its origins came from the United States, and much of the classic rock movement itself came from Great Britain and the United States.
Vocal music with a hard, driving beat.
Most of the time featuring electric instruments such as the electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and keyboard. The sound is typically heavily amplified and distorted. The use of these instruments accompanied with other less common instruments provide varying tone colors.
Most rock music is based on a prominent quadruple meter rhythm with emphasis placed on the 2nd and 4th beats.
The "big bands" of the 1930's and 40's started to be replaced by smaller bands.
Blues Influence on Rock Music
Blues was influenced by early African American music, starting with the work songs and chants sung by African American slaves in the Antebellum South. These chants often used a "call and response" style that would later be utilized in Blues music.
Blues music would also find inspiration from African American gospel music, often referred to at the time as "negro spirituals."
After the Civil War and the end of Reconstruction, African American musicians had a chance to be recorded. W.C. Handy would be the first blues musician to be discovered and recorded. In Feb. 1920, Mamie Smith recorded her song Crazy Blues, which came to be known as the first blues hit. This laid the groundwork for other blues artists. Musicians such as the legendary Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Buddy Guy, and B.B. King would later come onto the scene.
The 1950's
Pre-Rock n' Roll
New technology changed the listening experience.
White teens now listening to traditionally African American music like Blues and Jazz.
R&B artists such as Fats Domino, The Orioles, and The Platters start to have hits on the Top 40 charts around 1953.
Bill Haley and his Comets get major success on the charts with "Rock around the Clock", paving the way for Rock n' roll to come into the mainstream.
Bill Haley & his Comets
Founded in 1952
Original lineup consisted of Bill Haley, Johnny Grande, Billy Williamson, and Al Thompson.
Were originally called "Bill Haley and the Saddlemen"
Their single "Rock Around The Clock" was released in 1954, but did not achieve success until it was featured in the film
Blackboard Jungle
in 1955. It became a #1 hit.
Disbanded after Haley's death in 1981.
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Founded around 1957, though Holly had been recording various demos with other groups since 1954.
Original lineup was Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Joe B. Mauldin, and Niki Sullivan.
Their first hit record was "That'll be the day"
Buddy Holly died on February 3, 1959 in a plane crash. He was 22 years old.
The Crickets continued to play after Holly's death.
Elvis Presley
Born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.
Often referred to as "The King" of Rock n' Roll.
His first #1 hit was "Heartbreak Hotel," released in 1956.
Was highly controversial due to his "obscene" hip movements during a television performance.
Died in Memphis, Tennessee on August 16, 1977.
The 1960's
The 1970's
The 1980's
The 1990's
During the 1960's, rock music begins to mature and become more diverse. It begins to dominate the popular music charts.
We begin to see movements in music such as the Folk Revival, The British Invasion, and Surf Music.
Lyrics begin to become more socially and politically charged.
Psychedelic music towards the end of the decade reflects the growing hippie culture.
We see the birth of outdoor music festivals.
The Beatles
Founded officially as "The Beatles" in 1960.
Previously went by several names, such as The Quarry Men and The Silver Beetles.
Most famous lineup is John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.
Widely regarded as one of the most important musical groups ever.
Dominated the popular music charts for the majority of the 1960's.
First hit was "Love Me Do," released in 1962.
They broke up in 1970.
The Rolling Stones
Formed in 1962.
Originally called The Blues Boys
Most famous lineup consists of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts.
First hit song was a cover of Chuck Berry's hit song "Come on"
They are still making music to this day, although they suffered a bit in 1988.
Brian Jones died on July 3, 1969 at 27 years old.
Bob Dylan
Born on May 24, 1941.
One of the most prominent musicians of the 60's Folk Revival.
Went on to inspire some of rock's most popular musicians.
Song were very poetic and politically driven.
First album was a self titled, released in 1962,
Continues to make music and release albums.
His song "The Times They Are A-Changin'" became an anthem for the Civil Rights Movement.
The Who
Founded in 1964.
Most popular lineup consists of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and John Entwhistle.
Their first single was "I Can't Explain"
Wrote the first rock opera "Tommy"
Famous for crashing hotel rooms and smashing instruments onstage.
Keith Moon died on September 7, 1978.
The band broke up in 1980.
Pink Floyd
Founded in 1965.
Original lineup consists of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Rick Wright, Nick Mason, and David Gilmour.
Famous for their concept albums,
The Dark Side of the Moon
being the most popular.
Barrett had to leave the group in 1968.
The band broke up in 1995.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Founded in 1966
Members consisted of Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell, and Billy Cox
First album was Are You Experienced? released in 1967.
The band only released three albums before their breakup in 1969.
Jimi Hendrix died on September 18 1970.
The 1970's start out on a bad note, with the breakup of The Beatles and the deaths of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin.
Psychedelic rock gives way to hard rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal.
This era is when the "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" stereotype is made.
The popular bands such as Zeppelin and The Who go on huge arena tours and live extravagant lifestyles.
Punk rock comes onto the scene in opposition to arena rock.
Led Zeppelin
Founded in 1968.
Members were Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham.
Are often referred to as the first hard rock band.
Famous for their showmanship and extravagant lifestyles.
First album was a self titled, released in 1969.
Broke up after John Bonham's death in 1980.
Founded in 1973.
Most famous lineup consists of Ace Freely, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Gene Simmons.
Famous for their outrageous outfits and stage performances.
First album was a self titled, released in 1974.
They continue to make music.
David Bowie
Born on January 8, 1947.
Famous for his many style transformations over the years, and his severe addiction to cocaine in the 70's.
First album was self titled, released in 1967
He continues to make music.
Founded in 1973
Members consists of Angus and Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, and Brian Johnson
First album High Voltage, released in 1975.
Famous for school boy personas and outlandish stage shows.
They continue to make music.
The Ramones
Founded in 1974
Members are John Cummings, Thomas Erdelyi, Douglas Colvin, and Jeffrey Hyman.
All members used the last name "Ramone" as a stage name.
One of the most prominent figures in early punk music.
They broke up in 1996.
Founded in 1970.
Members were Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, and Brian May.
Some famous songs include "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Somebody to Love"
Lead singer Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991.
The rest of the group continued playing music after his passing.
John Lennon is shot to death outside his apartment building in 1980, making for another sad beginning to the oncoming musical era.
MTV and VH1 are launched in the early 80's, making music videos a more important tool for bands to utilize.
Many records are sold to support charities and word aid.
"Hair bands" become more prevalent during this era.
Bon Jovi
Founded in 1983.
Members are Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres.
They still play music today, although they observed two hiatuses.
Famous songs include "It's My Life" and "Livin' on a Prayer"
Founded in 1973.
Original lineup consisted of Neal Schon, Greg Rolie, Ross Valory, Prairie Prince, and Aysnley Dunbar.
They are still making music to this day.
While they were founded in the 70's, their peak of popularity was in the early 80's
Most recognizable song is "Don't Stop Believin'"
Guns N' Roses
Founded in 1985.
Classic lineup consisted of Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen, and Steve Adler.
They continue making music today.
Famous for being hard to work with and (of Axl) showing up late to performances.
Famous songs include "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "November Rain"
Founded in 1981.
Original members were James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet, and Robert Trujillo.
They continue making music today.
Famous songs include "Enter Sandman" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
Founded in 1980.
Members were Bill Berry, Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, and Peter Buck.
Were mostly underground until the early 1990's
Famous songs include "Losing My Religion" and "Everybody Hurts"
The band broke up in 2011.
During the 1990's alternative rock genres came into the mainstream.
The most popular of these genres was grunge, a term given to the punk inspired rock music originating in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Seattle, WA area.
Heavy metal begins to branch into several sub genres, including nu metal and industrial metal.
Britpop bands such as Oasis and Blur also receive a lot of airtime and rise to the top of the charts.
Founded in 1989 in Aberdeen, Washington.
Members were Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl.
The release of their second album
was considered the peak of the grunge movement.
Some famous songs were "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "All Apologies"
Disbanded after the death of Cobain in 1994.
Pearl Jam
Founded in 1990.
Formed by Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Mother Love Bone after the death of Andy Wood.
Most famous lineup consisted of Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, and Dave Abbruzzese.
Famous for their boycott against Ticketmaster and wild stage antics.
Famous songs include "Betterman" and "Even Flow"
Still making music today
Founded in 1991.
Original members were Liam Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll.
Famous songs include "Champagne Supernova" and "Wonderwall"
They were later joined by Gallagher's older brother, Noel.
They broke up in 2009.
Alice in Chains
Founded in 1987.
Original linup consisted of Layne Staley, Mike Starr, Sean Kinney, and Jerry Cantrell.
Some famous songs include "Man in the Box" and "Rooster"
Staley passed away in 2002.
The band stills plays music, with new singer William Duvall.
Founded in 1987.
Members are Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, and Matt Cameron.
Some famous songs are "Outshined" and "Black Hole Sun"
Broke up in 1997, but reunited in 2010.
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Founded in 1983.
Original members were Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Hillel Slovak, and Jack Irons.
Famous for outrageous stage performances.
Some recognizable songs are "Californication" and "Under the Bridge"
They continue to play music today.
What is Classic Rock?
Definitions of classic rock vary greatly. It mostly comes down to one's own opinion.
Definitions and opinions vary depending on many factors (age, sex, musical taste, etc.)
For the purposes of this presentation, the "Classic Rock" era will be defined as being between 1950 and 1999.
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