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SRC Group Presentation

Dominican Republicans.

Jae Park

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of SRC Group Presentation

Dominican-Americans Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina President of the Dominican Republic
from 1930-1961
Assasinated in '61.
"El Jefe" Family... forced to separate a parent or an older child immigrate to the United States to find work and get settled in. extended family living arrangements = resource generating strategy for the caring of young children and older adults 2nd and 3rd Generation: More likely to be exagamous by the third generation, the likelihood of living with a single mother increases among Latino minority groups families have tended to become... smaller, and more nuclear, as they remain in the United States for longer periods of time. Family Cont. Men more traditional
middle class workers
working two jobs
thus allowing their wives to stay at home, and care for their children Women because of environmental economic necessities...some middle-class women are forced into work
which pushed responsibility for reproductive work, and working outside the home to support their families on them. Roles Factory labor Industrial/Agricultural Work women take on roles such as domestic workers cooking,
doing laundry,
food shopping,
and other household errands "Too American" Oppression Welfare
Segregation the lack of a proper and free education could be considered a wide spread oppression faced by not only the Dominicans, but also all Latinos “education is being affected because they have more limited curricula, less qualified teachers, less access to serious academic counseling, fewer connections with colleagues and employers, more deteriorated buildings with higher level of teen pregnancy”
(Williams, 2001, p. 406). Who are they? Resistance Said that Dominicans got Baseball originally from the US military Troops in Cuba taught locals the game... where it eventually spread to the Dominican Republic False illusion of Upward Mobility Dominican Flag something essential for Dominicans in particular mainly because most people assume they are African American "One Drop" Rule As Bailey (2000) mentioned the adolescents he interviewed, they spoke Spanish to let others know that they were Spanish Important Contributors Samuel Peralta "Sammy" Sosa
First Dominican Native to reach the Major Leagues Even in the major league, Latino players were strongly stereotyped as moody and even oversensitive to incidents such as injuries. Sosa worked to break the stereotype and demonstrated compassion and a portrayed a “good sport” characteristic Defined himself as Dominican first and American second Frequently spoke in Spanish to the press Inspirational, but was still treated poorly "Hot Dog" Unfair Salaries Sosa, arguably the most well-known Latino baseball player, received a fraction of what white Americans were making. While white potential star players signed on for $1 million, Sosa was only able to sign for . (Juffer) $3,500 Business in New York City & New Jersey 23,000+ business owners 6,000+ Grocery Stores 500+ Supermarkets 1,200+ Beauty Salons Dominican Owned Political Power Guillermo Linares First Dominican-born elected official in the United States

New York City Councilman

Member of the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans

NYC Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs

Adriano Espaillat New York State Assembly .....1960..........1989......1991.....1996......... Entertainment/Fashion Oscar de la Renta Juan Luis Guerra Latin Infused Rhythm In Order of Appearance:
James Bowen Alyse Edwards Cassandra Holm Brittany Terrell Latoya Walker Jae Park Erin Glascott Dominican Immigration SRC: Dominican-American Current Conditions Often a constant fear of the displacement of the English language when most first-generation American Latinos only speak Spanish “It is not surprising then, that in U.S. public opinion polls, Latinos rank among the least favored of all new Americans. When the economy is weak and unemployment is high, public opinion generally turns against immigration.” ~Marcelo Suarez Assimilation Work/Job situation Tend to work in co-ethnic firms with other Latina women and earn low paying wages
Outcome of discrimination occupational segregation work and family conflicts. nondurable manufacturing, retail trade, and restaurants “results indicate that enclave employment provides women with low wages, minimal benefits, and few opportunities for advancement” (Gilbertson 657) ~study from Fordham University ...........Not really. Latinos have not assimilated into mainstream US culture, forming instead their own political and linguistics enclaves- and rejecting the Anglo-Protestant values that built the American dream (Garcia pg. i). This is greatly observed in retention of language, culture, and religious practices. Labels: Latino and Hispanic Fear general lumping of all Latinos into one group of people Both are thought to be objectionable by many Latinos, because they neglect the differences among diverse groups Yesenia Juarez Immigration Political Economic Escape the turmoil and instability after the assasination The promise of wealth and new chances 1960's 1980's+ Methods of Travel Boat Plane Dominican Republic
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