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Dr. Suess

No description

Ambar Vargas

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Suess

Edumacation A bachelors at Dartmouth,
he joined a magazine,
but then he made a "boo-boo"
He caused a big scene! Kith and Kin an English degree
he tried for doctor at oxford
but studies didn't suit him
and doodles he did hoard Helen Palmer, he did wed
but to Helen Palmer,
he did not share a bed

Helen Palmer, his dying wife
because of his cheating
took her own life The Doings He Did the sassy satirist the impact today By Carmin & Ambar Theodor Seuss Geisel
The Obtuse Suess Springfield Massachusetts
where he was conceived
To German parents,
if you can believe On March, the second,
to Theo and Henrietta,
a child was bore. Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts, to Theodor Robert Geisel, a successful brewmaster, and Henrietta Seuss Geisel. At age 18, Geisel left home to attend Dartmouth College, where he became the editor in chief of its humor magazine, Jack-O-Lantern.
When Geisel and his friends were caught drinking in his dorm room one night, in violation of Prohibition law, he was kicked off the magazine staff, but continued to contribute to it using the pseudonym "Seuss." After graduating from Dartmouth, Geisel attended Oxford University in England, with plans to eventually become a professor. Giesel at Dartmouth He dropped out of Oxford in 1927 He met his first wife, Helen Palmer, while at Oxford.
She was the one who encouraged him to become an illustrator In October 1967, Helen, who was suffering from both cancer and the emotional pain caused by an affair Geisel had with their longtime friend Audrey Stone Diamond, committed suicide.
Geisel married Audrey the following year. he doodled and scribbled
he sketched and he drew
for Vanity Fair
and LIFE magazine too for more than 15 years,
his work seemed like heaven
but he didn't start making books
until nineteen fifty seven Cartooning full-time, his articles and illustrations were published in numerous magazines, including LIFE and Vanity Fair
A cartoon that he published in the July 1927 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, his first using the pen name "Seuss," landed him a staff position at the New York weekly Judge

He then worked for Standard Oil in the advertising department, where he spent the next 15 years. At the start of World War II, Geisel began contributing weekly political cartoons to the liberal publication PM Magazine.

In 1942, too old for the World War II draft, Geisel served with Frank Capra's Signal Corps, making animated training films and drawing propaganda posters for the Treasury Department and the War Production Board. A major turning point in Geisel's career came when, in response to a 1954 LIFE magazine article that criticized children's reading levels, Houghton Mifflin and Random House asked him to write a children's primer using 220 vocabulary words. hundreds of books,
for kids he did write,
but what many didn't notice
the meaning of his plight OF the books the "Doctor" has written, many were heavily laid in double meaning such as Yertle the Turtle The Butter Battle Book forty-four books
were written
and with 44 books thousands were smitten Today, Theodor Seuss Giesel's books are used world wide to help children read, or are simply used as an entertainment
His writing and illustration has inspired over tv specials and movies
on top of everything, one day each year is dedicated in his honor predictions "everbodeh lurves heem" "everybodeh go'n keep lurvin heem" Hidden in the Curtains Besides there being wokets in his back pockets,
many of children's books had hidden meanings to them,
usually politicalor controversal in some way or another.

The Lorax was about environmentalism and about how humans are destroying the planet by cutting down the trees.

Horton Hears a Who is mainly about abortions.
("A person is a person, no matter how small.""

The Sneetches is about racism and stereotyping and how we
aren't that different after all

The Butter Battle Book is about the tragedies
of the cold war

Most of his books are banned because of
their messages Influence from the nonsense http://www.seussville.com/#/home

There is a Dr. Seuss Enterprise.
They are the one's who created this website.
It's a place for kids to go on and learn and create whos and whats and earn dooklas. (It's awesome)

He's a "contestant" in the epic rap battles of History Children's story time now Because of Doctor Seuss, Children's books took
on a whole knew look and fun level. Children use to read boring books that only really was focused on learning how to read and not on the fun. Doctor Seuss engaged young minds and inspired imagination and creativity.
Now many children's books are fun as well as educational. wORDS OBSURD He gave us NERD
AND grinch oobleck neetches skritz zillow once-ler thneeds wocket squitsch midwinter jicker za zlock jertain bofa zamp
quimney nooth grush lorax lerkim whisper-ma-phone
truffula trees bar-ba-loots gluppity-glupp schloppity-schlopp hakken-kraks jill-ikka-jast sala-ma-goox
kweet kwigger grickily gructus murky-mooshy
ga-fluppted schlopp jibboo nerd diffendoofer
zong rink-rinker-fink guff snuvs na-nupp vipper
beft gootch obsk bippo-no-bungus
fizza-ma-wizza-ma-dill yuzz wumbu humpf-humpf-a-dumpfer glikker sneedle thnadners spazzim
floob-boober-bab-boober-bubs zatz jogg-oons
flunnel yekko fiffer-feffer-feff
nizzards yuzz-a-ma-tuzz zizzer-zazzer-zuzz
zummers Books He had many famous ones like "Go dog Go", "To think I saw it on Mulberry Street" and "all the places you"ll go" and lets not forget about "Sam I am"
and "Hop on Pop" and "How the grinch stole christmas" and "fox in Socks"
and just you relax I forgot not about "The Lorax". and oh my, look at that. I almost forgot about "The Cat in the Hat". His birthday We have the read in at school celebrate and in memory of a great man's birthday
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