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David Hockney - Pop Artist

Visual Arts Presentation - Grade 10

Fides L.

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of David Hockney - Pop Artist


about the artist
Hockney's visits to California inspired his series of paintings about
sea, sun, sky, young men,
He was inspired by Picasso's art, cubism, and ability to work quickly,
art movements
David Hockney was an important contributor to the pop art movement in
Pop art usually consists of images from the popular culture of that period
these images are usually from advertisements, resulting in the colors being bright, and eye catching.
He may have also been influenced by many of his friends, who were pop artists; such as pop artist Andy Warhol.
the desk
this desk is very mundane, it isn't imaginative. the desk is something you would see everyday.
this might have been from an advertisement, which is the usual subject in pop art.
the subject of this pa
nting is a desk, with various books.
this piece was surprising. the colors are similar to ones you'd see in an advertisement, meaning it was bold and somehow bright.

The color of the desk was particularly striking.
this piece was well done. It has great meaning. It represents the clutter of modern life, or the great amount of media that surrounds us.
The way this piece was arranged (photo-collage) also added into it's message.
garrowby hill
As his style is always in a bright and humorous mood, this artwork is one of the examples of his style characteristics.
The subject of this painting is a countryside scene, with fields.
There’s value and tone
there is a little bit of shadowing at the foreground and it gets brighter as the image stretches out.
This piece was really overwhelming and cheerful. The part that makes it like that is the variety of colors that were used, and how you can see the contrast between the curved lines to the vertical ones.
The painting is perfect. For me, it means much more than contrast and great texture.
This painting shows the wide area the human eye can see along the horizon at a high point of perspective.
This piece also has gradation and contrast from the lines.
the road across the worlds
the subject of this painting is the river as being the road across the worlds.
This piece contains texture
The texture of the painting varies from hard to soft and smooth.
This piece uses contrast
the painting has different sizes, directions and tones that make image more appealing so that it doesn’t look common and ordinary to our sight. Therefore, the contrast in this painting makes it striking for the viewers.
By looking at this picture, I experienced liveliness because the Hockney uses vibrant and lively colours.

Also, the texture in some parts of the painting are soft and smooth that bring calmness to my mind.
This is a succesful work of art because Hockney is able to transmit a message through his work.
This piece contains direction
All lines have a direction- Horizontal, Vertical and oblique. The horizontal lines express calmness, stability and tranquility. The vertical lines give the feeling of balance and alertness. the oblique lines show movement and action.
This piece has harmony
all the elements in the painting are similar and related to each other such as the trees, the grass. Therefore, harmony makes the elements combine well together.
The texture and brightness are both well-defined as coming from all directions.
The texture is really glossy as for the colors david hockney chose.
This painting represents Hockney’s interest for doing paintings about nature and also because is related to the pop art culture of that time.
they also consist of mundane (ordinary and earthly) objects of the culture.
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