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Arsen Lazursky

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of sdg

Services Setup

3 full-time
+ 1 jr. translator
Algis :P
CALL NOW: #601
or email @ mos translators team
Home Office Set-up
Translator + trainee
Translator A
Translator B
Katya :)
Arsen >:]
Vika :D
If urgent -
call this guy @ 9257
outsorce providers
So what do I do
after 6pm or
on weekends?
2 agencies + a handful of freelancers
Translations from Russian and English, majority of other European languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic
Both translation and interpretation services (including conference/ simultaneous interpretation)
Don't forget to copy Arsen on all outsourced requests!
What else do I
need to know?
What translation
capacities do we
have in the office?
terms of engagement
pact with the devil
It takes approximately 1 man-day to translate
20,000 characters with spaces or 8-10 pages in MS Word (Times New Roman, Font size 12), or 25-35 slides.
Please note, however, that these numbers are illustrative and may vary depending on the subject matter, the quality of the original text, etc.
First come — First served.
Pre-booking is possible on two conditions:
(1) You know the exact (to the slide) size of the document you are going to send
(2) You know the exact (to the minute) time you are going to submit the document for translation
Booked requests are held for 5 minutes after the deadline for submitting, following which the capa goes to the next project in line
If it's even one slide longer, any preliminary deadline agreements go out of the window.
Brief translators on specific terminology and requirements (eg client or internal version is needed, preferred style)
ANY urgent and/or out-of-working-hours request needs to be confirmed by phone!
No case code – no translation!
All documents must be submitted in editable electronic format (doc/ppt/xls): pictures, locked PDF files, handwritten scans, etc. will be treated as exceptional and never as urgent
What we don't do
Format the slides
Set up meetings or write meeting minutes
Google.translate or any other automatic translation software
Edit texts run through Google.translate automatic translation software
Edit text in any other languages apart from English and Russian
And most importantly...
No matter what - we always try to be there for you! =)))

slan agus beannacht,
Arsen, Katya, Algis and Vika
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