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The Writing Process

No description

Illanna Ynclan

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The Writing Process

The Writing
Page 1
During prewriting, you work to
select or identify the topic
gather information
organize information before writing

Think: analyze the assignment
… Topic
… Audience
… Purpose
… Form

Gather Information: (if necessary)
do some research
… take notes
… read about the topic
… interview people
Prewriting 1
Page 2
Make Decisions
… write your thesis
... consider what to emphasize
… write your topic sentences
… choose a pattern of organization
• location • chronological
order of importance

Organize information
… circle relevant details to include
… order your ideas into a clear beginning, middle, and ending
Prewriting 2
Page 4
… is getting your message on paper

First Draft: develop your ideas
… use your prewriting plan!
… talk out your ideas for each paragraph before you write
… write–don’t worry about conventions at this point

Tips: leave room for revision
… write on every other line
… use one side of the paper
… double-space on the computer
Page 5
… is improving your writing
… implementing good traits

Become the Reader
… set your draft aside for a while
… read your draft aloud
… look at your work critically and be willing to make changes
… have at least one other person review your draft

Checklists and Rubrics
… focus on one paragraph at a time
… self-assess your writing using a trait rubric
… use a revision checklist as a guide
Page 6
… is checking for errors in conventions
… conventions help your reader maneuver through the sea of words

Proofread 1st Draft: √ for accuracy
… use proofreading marks
… focus on one convention at a time
… use a checklist as a guide

Proofread Final Paper: √ again!
… compare rough drafts to final paper to be sure all revisions and corrections have been made
… check and correct any new errors
… have another person check your paper
Page 8
… is sharing your writing
… reflects pride in your work

… use the required format
• spacing • fonts • margins
… turn in a clean, appealing paper

… read your paper to others
… submit your paper to the school newspaper or another publication
… enter your writing in a contest
The Writing Process
Essay Structure
5 Paragraph Essay:
Body 1
Body 2
Body 3
Paragraph Structure
2-3 body sentences
Thesis Statement
Body 1-3
Topic sentence
(relates to the thesis)
Concrete Detail
(summary, paraphrase, or direct quotation)
2-3 Details sentences
Transitional/Conclusion sentence
Restate Thesis
2-3 wrap-up sentences to close ideas
Conclusion Sentence
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