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Nursing Informatics Strategy

Presentation To NAC

Joe Maalouf

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Nursing Informatics Strategy

The mission of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) is to provide the highest level of specialized healthcare in an integrated educational and research setting. That mission is central to our vision which is to be a world-leading institution of excellence and innovation in healthcare. Nursing Informatics mission is to advance quality healthcare through the utilization, education and support of Clinical Information Systems, in line with the hospital’s 5 years strategic plan, the ITA strategic plan and Nursing Affairs Strategic Plan .

Thank you

 Need NAC to sign off on the strategic directions .

Increase NI resource pool to take on new responsibilities

Collaboration with Jeddah.

Education and development of the NI team
(Project Management,Change Management)

Ingredients for success

Access to content and sources of knowledge and learning will be enabled through the use learning tools and technologies and a focus on just in time, real time learning and performance-based opportunities.

Utilizing Smart Technologies

The increased use of technology will be a critical enabler of achieving transformational change. Few industries in the world have managed to achieve fundamental change and client value without automating some or all elements of its business.

KFSH&RC cannot achieve it desired level of ambition without focusing on how clinicians could be enabled to practice quicker, slicker and smarter, devoting maximum hours to direct patient care. Clinicians will also need to feel comfortable and be competent in supporting patients to benefit from the use of enabling technologies for example, Smart Technologies

Nursing Informatics Planned Projects

Nursing Informatics:

Nursing Informatics department is comprised of registered nurses who act as educators, systems analysts, web analyst, security coordinator and system administrators.

Focus is to enhance nursing practice through the creative use of technology, maximizing nursing productivity, improving the work environment infrastructure and further supporting the excellence in patient care.

Nursing Informatics is the primary liaison between the ITA, MCI, and the Medical and Clinical departments.(Riyadh and Jeddah)

Developing world leading healthcare and research

Increasing capacity and patient access

Improve efficiency and decision-making

Staff selection, recruitment and retention

External relationship and funding

The Nursing Informatics function and it is role within Nursing Affairs

Nursing and organizational priorities

The projects that will be delivered to meet the strategic priorities

The ownership / accountability and delivery timeline

The Plan will describe

Presented by

Youssef (Joe) Maalouf
Nursing Informatics Specialist

Nursing Informatics Strategic Plan 2014 – 2015

NI Strategic Plan defines how to get the job done and will support the 5 Strategic Priorities of KFSH & RC
SP 1 Developing world leading healthcare and research
Training Strategy
Just in time training (70%)
Real time learning (20%)
Performance based training (10%)

Nursing Care Plan

Nursing care plans are an important part of providing quality patient care. They help to define the nurses' role in the patient's treatment, provide consistency of care and allow the nursing team to customize its interventions for each patient.

ProVation Care Plans improves patient outcomes and quality of care by providing evidence-based interdisciplinary care plans derived from Lippincott's Nursing Solutions.

With more than 270 care plan templates, ProVation Care Plans includes reference links to online resources of current best practices, graded evidence, quality and safety measures, treatments, drug information and diagnostic tests

SP 4 Staff Selection, Recruitment & Retention
The experience of working in a quality-driven environment that provides world-leading services is also highly attractive to the best nurses. An Acuity-driven scheduling system will support above strategic priority.

The need for an evidence-based, automated scheduling tool has been identified as being essential to ensuring that staffing levels are driven by patient acuity.

In May 2012, the Nursing Informatics Department undertook a comparison of two acuity-driven scheduling systems- Kronos and Clairvia. It was assessed that Clairvia would deliver the functionality that we require and is easily interfaced with our Clinical Information System

The establishment of a Central Scheduling office will facilitate the precise allocation of resources and improve staff satisfaction by closely matching (automatically) caregiver activities to patient needs. The result will improve care outcomes, and ensure/ monitor the adherene to the nursing labor rules. Further creation of a Nursing Float Pool will assist units to meet their staffing requirements during peak times.

SP 2 Increase Service Capacity and Patient Access
SP 3 Improve Efficiency & Decision-making
Like every other part of the organization Nursing Affairs is keenly aware that the quality, cost and outcomes are all critical dimensions of care delivery. While great progress has been made in relation to quality and outcomes, there is still work to be done on cost, productivity and operational efficiency.

2011 - 2012
Nursing pioneered the use of the Premier Operations Advisor to monitor and improve productivity and reduce cost. The Operations Advisor data provides visibility to issues that impact costs such as acuity and staffing. Nursing grids have been developed for in the Inpatient units at RUH to be utilized for nurse patient ratios.
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