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Germs and Hand Washing

By: Randi Wheeler

Randi Wheeler

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Germs and Hand Washing

Germs and Hand Washing First Grade
Technology Essential Question

By: Randi Wheeler What is a germ and how do we protect ourselves from the bad ones? Unit Questions What are the four main types of germs?
What are the steps to successful hand washing?
Where do we get germs from? Instructional
Software Online games and videos
Teaches bad types of germs and where they are found
Game teaches six steps of hand washing
Webquest Four major types of germs
Good germs vs. bad germs
How germs make you sick
Use worksheet to answer "who am I?" Productivity Software Students use Kidpix to create one of the four main germ types
Use Microsoft word to type sentences describing germ
Presented in front of class Brochure Students learn about hand washing steps
Create a brochure with steps of hand washing out of order
Switch with a friend and put steps in correct number order



Instructional Software


Microsoft Word


Works Cited http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/Stories/SpaceScience/Germ-free-school-year
Clip Art
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