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Primary Health Care Framework

No description

Phyllis Barclay

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Primary Health Care Framework

Primary Health Care Framework Introduction Results A highly efficient and effective health care system ensures that clients receive care delivered by the most appropriate health care provider at the right time and the right place. Knowing how healthy our population is,
it is critical information for RHA's to
have in order to evaluate current and
develop new health services to meet
the needs of clients we serve. Timely access along with a coordinated and efficient PHC
service will alleviate stressors in other health care sectors, in particular in acute care emergency room use and admissions through improved coordiantion of care and meeting client's health care needs early. The health care system must adapt to this changing landscape, change our way of thinking and recognize that good health comes from a variety of factors. We must become proactive and support our clients and our communities. Primary Health Care (PHC) Framework: Recognizing and addressing through a population health approach all the determinants of health and using a lifecourse perspective will result in improved health status for our clients, families, and community members. 75 percent of good health outcomes are not related to health care services. Primary Care is more narrowly focused on illness, treatment and rehabilitation which involves responding to illness within the broader determinants of health. The focus is on the client. Primary Care Network (PCN)
is "A formalized, collaborative partnership between one or more RHA's, independent primary care practices and other PCN partners who share the goal of providing high quality primary care services to a defined PCN Population." These networks have the flexibility to develop programs and services to meet the needs of clients where the PCN's are located. PHC Framework Consists of: Determinants of Health Population's health status Current models of delivering Determinants of Health The health care system's impact on health is approximately 25%, compared to the socioeconomic determinants at 50%, physical environment at 10% and biology and genetics at 15%. PHC Services are developed based on the health status and health needs of the community in which the PHC Centre is located. Our population's health needs are best understood when there is a side by side conversation with community members and partners along with health care providers planning health services. This requires a shift in our way of thinking. Health Care Providers are in a good position to proactively seek out partnerships with our clients and community at large to support and affect changes through the relationships they build and/or public policy. The IERHA is committed to work
closely with our community
partners and residents.
Our stakeholders are regularly
consulted as we determine
priorities, strategies, and
PHC services to better serve
all our community members
including underserved
or marginalized populations. The inner circle emphasizes the importance of client and family centred care. The client is viewed as a whole person. The HCP/Team includes these features during care: advocacy, empowerment, respecting the client's autonomy, voice, self-determination and participation in decision-making. Healthy living begins in the home and home community. This circle represents important components of both primary health care and primary care networks. Develop hubs consisting of a group of health care providers that work as one integrated team to deliver PHC services to various communities.

This paradigm shift will improve accessible, coordinated, comprehensive and consistent quality care.

The primary health care provider (HCP) team acts as a first point of consultation for all clients.

Healthy living and illness prevention is emphasized in all areas of care.

Canadian studies have shown that clients who have access to highly functioning PHC teams, more often received care that included health promotion and disease prevention, as well as reported feeling they received higher quality of care. These working teams had a positive effect on the client's confidence with the health care being delivered and the health system as a whole. Inter-professional Primary Health Care Teams Comprehensive Client-Centered Care The values and beliefs of client centered care include:
Human Dignity;
Clients are experts for their own lives;
Clients as leaders (HCP's follow the lead of clients with respect to information and decision making);
Client's goals will coordinate the practices of the HCP/Team
Continuity and consistency of care and HCP/team provide the foundation to client centered care;
Timeliness of response from HCP/Team;
Care offered is universally accessible and responsive to client's values, needs and priorities. Accessible Primary Health Care and Coordinated Care PCN's strength is bringing together (not necessarily in one physical space) health care providers who already work in the community, who may be located in multiple health care centres, may work alone or in smaller groups and re-structure them in a cohesive interdisciplinary team that provides seamless coordination of PHC Services. The spokes on the IERHA PHC Framework describe "HOW" the PHC/PCN's will deliver these enhanced services and "WHAT" this will look like for our clients over the next few years. Primary Care Home Delivering integrated
& coordinated care Improved use of information,
technology & quality
measurement Delivering integrated
& coordinated care Primary Care Home Planning & building services
around the needs of our
community Engaging & working
closely with the community Improved use of information,
technology & quality measurement The IERHA PHC Framework is dynamic and will continue to evolve. We will continue to build on the successes of our Primary Health Care services located in PCH Centres throughtout IERHA. With the gradual introduction of PCN 'hubs' we will strengthen the connection between interdisciplinary health care providers with our clients and other partners to promote a robust Primary Health Care Program.
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