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Fiction vs. Nonfiction

No description

Heather Emokpae

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Unit 1: Fact or Faked?
In your "notes" section,
draw a line down the
middle of the page.
(Nonfiction vs. Fiction)
Fiction Nonfiction
Fiction or Nonfiction shows?
Fiction or Nonfiction?
A biography about Abraham Lincoln.
Fiction or Nonfiction?
Fiction or Nonfiction?
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Don't forget to write down your homework!
Bell-ringer #1

Monday, August 20

Do you think it is better to fit in
with a group or to stand out from others? Give at least 2 reasons to support your answer.
Made up
May contain "real" information.
Written for entertainment purposes (usually).
Real people, places, events, and ideas.
Presents facts.
Written to inform or persuade.
Characteristics of Fiction
Characters --
Point of View--
Plot --
Conflict --
Setting --

Theme --
Who is telling the story
Series of events
Time and place

Overall message
Characteristics of Non-Fiction
Tone --

Purpose --
Author's attitude or feeling

Reason for writing

To explain, inform, persuade, or entertain.
Short Stories
Types of Fiction
Types of Non-Fiction
The Giant's House
Page 7
Copy the vocabulary terms below
and find their definitions on the page listed.
Open to your vocabulary section.
Elusive--hard to grasp

Alberto Giacometti


Point of View:

Main Conflict:

Turn to the Reading Response section of your notebook. Title the page "The Giant's House."

Write the following terms, leaving space
between each to answer as we read.
Look for clues that tell you
whether the next clip is
fiction or nonfiction.
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