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Cyclops Island

No description

Hannah Mckinley

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Cyclops Island

"I love Cyclops Island. The land has a beautiful view of the ocean and a relaxing environment." Terrence Howard "Cyclops Island is amazing. I love living on a island full of Cyclops and sheep. Cyclops Island is better than any other island I lived on." Mariah Carey "Cyclops Island is wonderful. Nick and I love how much land we have for our mansion. The kids especially love to play around in the fields and pet baby sheep. Cyclops Island is prefect for families." Katy Perry Cyclops Island Have you been looking for the prefect place to live? Sheep Rams Goats Cyclops Run with sheep, Talk to giants, To make your family happy, BUY A HOME ON CYCLOPS ISLAND!!!!! Cyclops Island is a extravagate island with acres of land and animals all around. The Island has an ocean view that’s beautiful under the sunset for a romantic date or day of relaxing for the adults and tons of acres for kids to run around and play with sheep, rams, and goats. Cyclops Island is home to everyone, even Cyclops. The Cyclops might seem terrifying but they are actually kind and caring creatures that make wonderful neighbors. Tons of people have a home on Cyclops Island just to have the Cyclops as neighbors. Cyclops Island is home to everyone, even Cyclops. Everyone has a home on Cyclops Island even celebrities. And they all love Cyclops Island. If you don’t believe me, let’s see what Katy Perry, Terrence Howard, and Mariah Carey had to say about Cyclops Island. See Cyclops Island is what you need to make your family and yourself happy.
So remember.........
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