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Developing Author's Point of View

Common Core 6.6

Paula Bachtold

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Developing Author's Point of View

How does an author develop
Point of View????

When an author writes a narrative, he writes with a purpose using tone, mood and sometimes bias. Put all of those ideas together and it leads to the discoveryof the hidden treasure...
Let's travel to find the hidden treasure... Have you ever experienced an event and heard the story retold in two different ways?

Imagine you go to a football game. You and your best friend attend together but you are cheering for opposing teams. Your team wins and your friend's team loses. When you are leaving the game you hear your friend retell the events much differently than you remember them.
Discuss ways in which the story could have been retold by the winners and then by the losers.

Does the point of view change depending on who tells the story? Listen to the opposing coaches retell
their thoughts on the game
in their post game interviews. The House Activity http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson23/house.pdf
1. Listen to the passage, The House
2.Try to remember as many details from the passage.
3. Next, break up into two groups. One group are thieves and
the second group are realtors.
4. Read passage again still only listening. But this time you will listen to the passage as a thief or realitor.Once passage is read, formulate a list of all information yo u can remember from the story.
5. As a class produce a venn diagram of everything you remember from the story and why you remembered it.. Be sure to look for different points of view.
6. Was your point of view influence about who you became, a thief or a realtor? How does the author's past experiences affect his/her bias's?
Listen to the following clips and interpret what the author's point of view is. Forrest Gump Scene

What is the author trying to tell the listener?
What can influence point of view? Refer to the SOAPSTONE strategy
to deduce the author's point of the literature.
Who is the Speaker?
What is the Occasion?
Who is the Audience?
What is the Purpose?
What is the Subject?
What is the TONE?
Let's find the author's point of view together....
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