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Intro to Romeo and Juliet Round and Flat Characters

No description

C Meyer

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Intro to Romeo and Juliet Round and Flat Characters

has many traits, both good and bad
realistic and life-like
most major characters are round
Round Character
Flat Character
not well-developed
does not have many traits
sometimes stereotyped
most minor characters are flat
ROUND...displays many different traits
FLAT...displays behaviors and attitudes that are limited
Dramatic Foil
Character who highlights the traits of another character through contrast.
Foils help the reader understand the differences among characters.
The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
Young son of the Montague family.
He's in love with Rosaline, until he meets Juliet<3
You can't spell Romeo, without "emo:" he is emotional, passionate, and full of teenage angst.
Romeo Montague
Juliet Capulet
13, beautiful, and the only daughter of the Capulets.
Falls in love with the mortal enemy of her family...Romeo
More than a pretty face...she's smart!
Matures over the course of the play from naive girl to a determined woman.
The gorgeous woman Romeo has a crush on, before he meets Juliet.
She never speaks and never physically appears in the play.
She takes a vow of chastity...she swears to be a virgin for life.
name means "good will"
constantly telling everyone to chill and stop fighting, but the fighting always seems to happen in his presence.
everyone trusts him
Benvolio Montague
Juliet's favorite/most-loved cousin.
After he kills Romeo's BFF Mercutio, Romeo kills him.
Tybalt is a hothead, always looking for a fight.
Fiercely defends the reputation and honor of his family
Tybalt Capulet
the Nurse
Juliet's trusted companion.
She helps Juliet have a relationship with Romeo, by relaying messages and watching Juliet's back.
She betrays Juliet in a big way at the end of the play.
Friar Lawrence
A mentor to Romeo and Juliet.
marries Romeo and Juliet behind their families' backs, hides Romeo after the murder of Tybalt, and helps Juliet fake her death.
Lord and Lady Capulet
Juliet's father and mother.
Lord and Lady Montague
Romeo's father and mother.
Handsome, royal, and rich = good marriage material!
Lord Capulet sets up a marriage between Paris and Juliet.
The marriage would be good for Juliet, but even better for her family because Paris has royal ties.
Prince of Verona
Does the best he can to keep peace, but he can't stop the violence between the two families.
He is the law, but he isn't as powerful as the families.
The world is full of rivalries--among countries, families, schools, sport teams, even groups of friends. Sometimes rivalries become so fierce that the members of one group refuse to associate with their rivals. In extreme cases rivalries can even erupt into violence.
name means "volatile"
Romeo's sword-fight loving BFF
loyal to the Montague family
related to the royal court of Verona
Journal: What creates a rivalry? What kind of issues cause people to feud? Give an example. 50 words or more.
RIVALRY: The relationship between two or more rivals who regularly compete with each other.
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