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The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

Act 1

Abiha Ahmed

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

Act 1 The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler The head came in Tyke's class and reported that Miss Bonfire is missing ten pounds and the class will stay in to be checked. When the head left general outcry started in the class and Sir made every one quiet.Tyke told Danny that he hid the ten pound note and Sir started checking everyone to find the note. Tyke went in the school store room and saw a picture of Sir Walter Raliegh. He hid the note behind the picture and went out. Danny and Tyke were standing out of the class. Danny showed Tyke a ten pound note which he stole from Miss Bonfires purse. Tyke told him to put it back but Danny was afraid to do so. He asked Tyke to hide it and put it back later.Sir came out. Tyke quickly made an excuse and ran to hide the note. Tyke was in the corridor and Mrs Somers came in. She asked Tyke what is she doing here and told Tyke to go out. Tyke moved away and started looking for a place to hide the note. Tyke's dad came in the house. Tyke asked dad that would teachers miss ten pounds if they lost them and Dad said yes. Dad asked Tyke to go to bed. Next day Tyke went to school early and went in the storeroom. She found the picture and the note was gone. Danny showed Tyke a bone he had brought for her dog. Tyke asked Danny about the bone and he told her that it was a marrow bone.Tyke told Danny that note has disappeared and Danny stared at her. School bell rang and everyone went in. Tyke saw the picture and told Danny. Danny took out a mouse and placed it in the head of a girl. the girl screamed and there was afuss in the hall. The Head caught the mouse and things quitened down. The Head asked Tyke and the owner of the mouse to come to his at play time. The head showed Tyke a ten pound note in his officeand asked three times that have you seen this before. Tyke remained quiet. Danny came in and accepted his fault. Danny told that he didnt mean to take Miss Bonn's money it was only because it was in front of him. The head asked tyke to call Miss Bonn and Sir and promised not to call the police. Amman Usman and Abiha Ahmed Tyke came out of the Head's roomsinging and met Mrs Somer. Mrs Somer told Tyke towrite lines after school and removed the marrow bone for Tyke's shoebag. She scolded Tyke for bringing such things to school and went away. Danny came in and told Tyke that in the end Mrs Bonfire wasn't angry and invited him for tea. Tyke told Danny that you got to have tea and she had to write lines for Mrs Somer. Main Character
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