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Modern Influences: the English language in the 21st century

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Clara Leney

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Modern Influences: the English language in the 21st century

The English Language in the 21st Century Modern Influences

-English language has become the lingua franca
-language of diplomacy and international communications (business, tourism, education,
science, computer technology, media and Internet)
-1.4 billion people live in countries where English is an official language
-377 million people speak English as official language
-375 million people speak English as their second language
-estimated that 750 million speak English as a foreign language
-75 countries have English as the official language or it has a special status The Spread of Modern English A Growing Economy technology

-Many blame new technology and modern media (texting, spell check) for a decline in youth literacy
- Texting amongst generations Y and Z ("Digital Natives") is starting to replace speech
-Teens forming relationships solely over text messages
-With texting and e-mail common short cuts speed up communication
-Vowels are dropped, words shortened or replaced with numbers, proper punctuation left out
-Terms and acronyms derived from modern media spill over into more formal works
Scottish essay written in text message shorthand caused global panic in 2003
-Many students remain aware of the inappropriate use of these terms in more formal assignments
-Spell check is causing many to become oblivious to the correct use of common homonyms (two, too, to etc.) Modern Media Influences -"Hip Hop Generation" - people born between 1965 and 1984
-Addition of the phrase "bling-bling" to the Oxford Dictionary in 2003
-Words "hood" and "crib" are used often in everyday conversation
-Phrases "what's up," "peace out" and "chill out" are also used
-United States was declared "Hip Hop Nation" on the February 5, 1999 Time magazine
-English language greatly influenced by hip hop culture "Hip Hop" Generation
-use of English in science, and technology
90% of academic articles first published in English
-incorporating vocabulary from other languages
80% of the English vocabulary is foreign
-use of different English dialects (American, British, Canadian, Australian, etc.) Three Factors Influencing the Spread of English: -Punctuation, spelling and grammar ignored because of 140-160 character limit on some social medias such as Twitter
-Emoticons used to convey emotions :(
-Formal addresses replaced with ‘hey, hi, waasssuuuuppp’
-Kids developing certain ‘code’ to hide messages from parents
-Average chat room message is 10 words
-Cyber bullying has become more prevalent with modern tech using such codes as ZERG - meaning to gang up on someone
-Technology has begun creating a whole new language of its own
-However, technology can be seen as opening up a global conversation amongst different ethnic groups and cultures New Language “Language is the product of society. As a society changes, so does its language. One of the greatest signs of a changing language is the rapid expansion of its lexicons. Over the past 30 years, American dictionaries have grown at unprecedented levels. Words attesting to the rich contribution of global cultures to American culture, words created for scientific use, words recognizing technological advances, and, of course, words representing contemporary culture have expanded the English language. Yet, it is this last category that has altered the English language more rapidly than any other influence.” The mass production and massive size of products in the 21st century has brought new words into the dictionary, such as the word "mega." New Products Brief History -Radio broadcasting developed in the early 20th century
-Familiarized the population with accents and vocabulary
-Continued with film and television
-Advertisers introduced new and unique words to the English language to describe their products
-Many movie or television show characters introduce new words
People adopt words from the media because the media is a very popular, creative and informational outlet Radio and Advertisements -Increased literacy because of access to books in public libraries in 19th century
-Contact with other countries introduced new words
introduced new words/use of foreign words
-Great Vowel Shift (changes in spelling, pronunciation and tone)
-British colonization caused the development of variations of English
-Native American and Spanish words have influenced English
"vigilante" "The aim of txt is to use the least number of characters needed to put across a comprehensible message." B3 AFAIK MYOB TTYL IDK GTG -Global economy has replaced more localized, separate economies around the world
-Countries have adapted to using English as an economic necessity because the United States (English speaking) is one of the biggest economic powers
-English speakers have also included many foreign words
-Clear communication between buyers, sellers, and manufacturers is vital to economic success
-85% of the world's international organizations use English
-Development of a worldwide economy introduced foreign products for which there's only a name from the country in which the product originated
-For example, ethnic foods (falafels, poutine, etc.) :) 2G2BT BRT
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