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Where it Began.

No description

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Where it Began.

Public transportation is not a problem either. OCTA is available to everyone in this city. Colleges & Universities like CAL State Fullerton & Santa Ana College (about 10 mins from my home) offer free bus passes to their students.
Its all about how the city is mapped out. Everything is within reach, it's quite boring sometimes. But Safe.
Donut shops & 7 elevens on every corner..
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
My Hometown
Parks & Recreation
With great positives there's... negatives
On one side of my house in order is my Alma Mater Santiago High, connected to the high school is Clinton elementary and 5 min walk from there is Doig Intermediate. Saying school was too far was never an option.
Right next door though, the nicest fire fighters you will ever meet. Christmas lights during Christmas surround the fire house & donation boxes almost every month of the year.
Atlantis is one of many parks available to the public in Garden Grove. Unlike other parks Atlantis is a gated park that hosts special occasions for the public almost year round.
Alot of the daily tasks that make everyday the "American way" surround themselves around fast & convenient fast foods. Here there's almost one on every corner. However, in the same mile walk through we find these fast foods restaurants and convenient stores we also find grocery stores & farmers markets.
You always feel Protected.
In this suburban neighborhood, the children can not just walk to school but also feel safe doing so.
Nobody really likes to go to school especially when you are young.. but what do you do when your school is 5 mins from you house??
Where it Began.
Access to freeways is never a problem, this entrance is right in front of my house.
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