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4.06 World History

No description

trevor mason

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of 4.06 World History

4.06 World History
We have arrived in North America. It is so different here than in Europe. We have meet a few natives. They look very different from us. Their skin is dark and they wear weird clothes. Their weapons are bow and arrows. They gave us food. It taste pretty good. I'm careful around the natives as they have already killed some off our men. They also destroyed our forts. Our colony is growing but we haven't found gold yet.
March 12, 1607
We have almost reached North America. I'm a part of the expedition led by the English explorer John Smith. We were sent to establish another English colony. I hope we survive this expedition. I'm a little nervous about this. We are sent to locate gold and silver. This would provide profit to the investors in the Virginia Company. We are also instructed to find a river route to the Pacific Ocean for trade with Asia. I'm worried about the natives. I'm ready to reach land. This ship is making me seasick.
September 2, 1607
May 14, 1617
It has been ten years since we established Jamestown in North America. We named this settlement Jamestown after our king, James I. Many of the explorers that came with us have died of sickness and starvation. As we explored, we traded with different native American groups. We meet a powerful native American leader name Powhatan. John Smith and Powhatan agreed on a trading partnership. They agreed that the natives would supply us with corn in return for cooper, tools, and beads. Instead of finding gold we decided to grow tobacco. We have made a profit by doing this. I have finally gotten use to the natives. I really like the scenery here.
By: Trevor Mason
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