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Theia, Greek goddess

Haddock's Greek Mythology Project

Teresa E.

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Theia, Greek goddess

Theia, Greek goddess
By: Teresa E.
She is the “Titan Goddess of sight (thea) and shining light of the clear blue sky (aithre)”
(THEA : Greek Titan Goddess of Heavenly Light 1)
. She is thought to be the goddess of prophecy. She married Hyperion “who was also her brother
(Theia." Titan Goddess *** 1)
and had three kids whom are named Helios, Selene, and Eos. She was the daughter of Ouranos and Gaia. She is also said to be “The goddess of shining”
(Theia (Euryphaessa)." Theia, Titan Goddess of Shinning 1)
because she rules over valuable things like dimonds, gold, silver, lights (all that sines or reflects so it appears to shine.). She has many different names that all have different meanings. Ex. “Aithre (clear sky),Euryphaessa (wide-shining), and Ikhnaie (tracing)”
(Theia (Euryphaessa)." Theia, Titan Goddess of Shinning).

Theia's importance comes more from who her children are. Because she gave birth to Helios, Selene, and Eos from Hyperion, she was granted the title of mother of light. So her role must come a lot from that. Besides that, she also has all those valuable treasures that men are always looking for like the gold, silver, and other tangible riches like that.
She was “considered especially beautiful.” ("Thea." 1) she’s depicted with red hair and blue eyes.
Theia’s story is how she was one of the 12 original children. She was the mother of the sun and has a lot of things that shine. All of her sisters had some sort of sorcery power, which is why she was a Titan of prophecy. She gave birth to her three kids and married her brother. It is said that her father took the kids that he considered unworthy because they didn’t come out as he wanted (like the cyclones) and locked them away. Theia’s mother later helped to free them. During the war when the Titans fought against Olympians over Olympia, Theia took the side of the titans but lost while Zeus helped lead the Olympians into victory.
Many people believe that when worshiping her, they can reach with the paranormal. That’s why “Worship of Theia may include the burning of oils and incense, particularly at dawn or dusk, but worship of Theia is not as common as worship of many other Hellenistic gods. Some sects believe that Theia can grant the ability to see ghosts and spirits, as well as other forms of clairvoyance. “ (“An inner journey: the moon, mythology, and you” 1).
Epic Facts?
* “ The name Theia simply means goddess” (Theia." Titan Goddess *** 1).

* Her husband was “ the titan-god of light” ("The Gods and the Goddesses Stories." 1)

* Her symbol is the eye ("Thea, Greek Goddess." 1) “Because she is the titaness of sight,
her obvious symbol were eyes.” ("Theia" 1)

* apparently, she had an affair or something with her other brother because “By her
other brother Oceanus, she was mother of the Cercopes.” ("Titans of Ancient Greece." 1)

* “Pindar writes of me (Theia) in his Isthmian ode:
"Mother of Helios (the Sun), Theia, goddess of many names, thanks to thee
men ascribe to gold a strength exceeding all other powers that are. For ships that sail the seas
in rivalry and racing chariot steeds for thy honour, O queen, rise to the height of wondrous
deeds amidst the whirling wheels of struggle. And in the contests of the Games, he reaps that
prize of glory that all hearts desire." “ ("Theia." 1)

* The brother that she married was her “fraternal twin” ("SW Bardot's Books." 1)

* “Some sects believe that Theia can grant the ability to see ghosts
and spirits, as well as other forms of clairvoyance”
("An Inner Journey: The Moon, Mythology, and You." 1)

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Reason behind my deity's song
I think that my song describes my deity because of how it's soft and delicate throughout which shows her feminine side as well as her classy ways being a goddess. The song pacifies you in my opinion, which also helps you understand that delicacy. Being the mother of light, it needed to be a bit cheerful in the song so that it would mix with the mellow parts of the song. That way, it could demonstrate the mixture going on.

However, she is also a titan and they did attempt to battle the Olympians for Olympia. Because of that, i thought that the piano keys could show her pointy personality as she joins the titan's side in the battle. At the end of the song, only two of the four sounds stay which i think represent how even though there is a lot who makes her up, she still has that personality that stays there all the time with her.
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