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NPQH - My version of events

No description

Karl O'Reilly

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of NPQH - My version of events

NPQH - My version of events
Do ...
Stay organised

Swap emails & contacts

Be clear about your electives

Engage in research beyond the sessions
Sit back all the time!

Leave a session or a visit to a school without asking the questions you want to ask. (better still arrange a visit after the sessions if you can)

Wait until last minute to start your tasks
Action Plan, Action Plan, Action Plan...
Ensure you leave yourself enough time for your work to show impact. (What measures will be best to demonstrate this?)
Be realistic with your mentor (and use them to help highlight any areas you don't cover)
Karl O'Reilly
EBD - Head of PE
School Sport Co-ordinator
Head of PE
Director of Physical & Sensory Needs
Assistant Head

Negotiations are of huge importance

Deputy Head
St Luke's Primary School

Don't forget your own areas for development!

Will there be enough challenge/content in this task?

Ensure you explain how and why this was chosen and how it meets the competencies.

Planning & involving others
Plan your days out of school well.
What will you do today?
What impact will this have?
How will it meet the competencies?
What will I get from this in regards to my personal development?

Involving other stakeholders is vital. You can draw on these in your task write up.

Get out and see the kids and the school, its a great opportunity for professional development.
Task 1 - My own setting
To improve the curriculum content, coverage and personlisation to ensure all pupils have access to a curriculum which meets their needs
Task 2 - Placement School
Curriculum development

Holding others to account


Efficient & effective
Improve the quality of teaching and learning with a specific focus on improving outcomes for children with SEN
Task 3 - Assessment
Walk the talk - be efficient and effective

Ensure you talk through your presentation by referring to the competencies.

Do something different!

Don't expect them to know anything about your tasks

Don't stress out too much.
Tasks in general
Always refer to the competencies

Work with your mentors, help them to help you.

Use extracts of your work rather than full pages

Refer back to your NPQH folder to demonstrate your wider learning

You are not the finished article - they like that!

Impact upon me as a leader...


Personal development

Sharing practice/stories

Extended my own knowledge

Outcomes for children in school have improved

Realised the importance of a learning culture within schools
Created opportunities

Made me step outside my 'comfort zone'

Confident in my decisions as a leader
Karl O'Reilly
St Luke's Primary School
Good Luck!

Any questions?
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