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No description

Yasmine Syamimi Shamhani

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of THE CURSE

Falling Action Characters Author The Curse Mohd Asraf confesses to Azreen of his love affair with Madhuri and their plan to run away to Kuala Lumpur.
Azreen is shocked to find out that Madhuri is not her real sister and that her biological mother who is insane is still alive.
The worst bombshell is to hear how her father has killed her sister in blind anger when he finds out that she is going to elope with her lover. villager rumour-monger
superstitious Lee Su Ann

Born 11th June 1978
Penang-born author.
The eldest child in a family of five.
She had her education at St George’s Girls’ School in Penang from 1991 – 1997.
Her novel, “The Curse” won second prizewinner in the English Novel Category of the Utusan Group’s Young Adult Literature Competition of 2005.
She began writing “The Curse” while she was at university and completed it in 2005.
She is happily married to a handsome local and bright young lad.
Presently, she is a full-time medical writer. THEMES LOVE ~ Love between parents and children
Love between husband an wife
Love that is scandalous GOSSIP Gossip among the adults
Victims of gossip
Gossip among children Forgiveness - Between Azreen and her parents
Between Azreen and the Old Lady Plot Exposition Madhuri's body is found in the rubber estate.
Azreen who is studying in London has to return to attend her sister's funeral in Malaysia. Rising Action Rumours that Madhuri's death was not an accident but she was murdered.
Villagers are fearful that a curse will fall on them as Madhuri had bled white blood.
Azreen's mother dies on the fifth day of her return.
Nek who has made a speedy recovery after drinking the Old Lady's infusion suddenly dies. Climax superstitions and fear fuel the air.
The Old Lady is suspected of poisoning Nek.
Enraged, Mohd Asraf leads a mob to the Old Lady's house to seek revenge.
The house is burnt to rubble and the Old Lady is killed in fire. Resolution Azreen visits her sister's and her parents' graves to bid farewell.
Azreen goes back to England to continue her studies.
She has learnt a valuable lesson, that to forgive and to put her past behind her. Pak Awang the Bomoh Haji Ghani Puan Normala Saleh Abdullah Old Lady Puan Fatihah modern and educated
knowledgeable healer
outcast of society
Azreen's true friend stubby little man
annoying and sneaky first wife of Hj Ghani
despised herself
spiteful and vicious
blames Madhuri for her unhappiness wealthy village headman
dotting husband
devastated by his wife's death Datin Sharifah & Datuk Zulkifli modern & rich
Azreen's foster parents Siti obedient daughter
hates gossipers
has sympathy for Nek Azreen short
fiery temper
intelligent & witty
outspoken smart
has a secret love
filial grandson
irrational Mohd Asraf pretty and charming
soft spoken and respectful
a wonderful singer
has a secret love
kind & caring Madhuri Moral Values Children should love and care for their parents Be responsible for your actions Learn to forgive very strict
killed Madhuri
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