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Great Expectations (Ch. 34 &35)

No description

Zach Selassie

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Great Expectations (Ch. 34 &35)

Great Expectations (Ch. 34 &35)
In a state of disbelief
He couldn't imagine a life without his sister
His memories were a lot nicer about her
Memories have a "gentle tone"
Tickler is softer than it was
Pg. 278
Pip's State of Mind
Pip is in shock almost about Mrs. Joe’s death
First death he’s experienced in his adult life
Funeral is a big spectacle
Joe & Pip reminisce
Pip & Biddy do the same
She kind of has a rude attitude towards Pip
Pip finds out that Orlick is following Biddy around, he wants revenge
Pip promises to continue to visit Joe & Biddy
General Overview of Chapter 35
Things change after Mrs. Joe's death
Pip finds himself lost without her
He doesn't really know what to do
Biddy starts calling him Mr. Pip

Coming of Age
Zach Selassie & Charlie Hansen
Being an Adult/ Gentleman
More to being a gentleman than money and education
He has to be good
He has to work hard
He has to help
He has to move on
Characters in Chapters 34 + 35
The Finches
Bentley Drummle
Joe Gargery
Ch. 34 Summary
Pip can't stop thinking about Estella
He wishes to be at the forge with Joe
Pip is in a lot of debt because he is buying many things without money
He is making Herbert feel bad
They are spending money on alcohol, jewlery, and food for the finches
They have dinner with a men's club called the Finches where they pay for the food
The Finches get horribly drunk and Pip sees Bentley Drummle runniing into streetlamps
Pip and Herbert can't afford to eat very often because of the food that they are buying for the Finches
Summary Cont.
Pip and Herbert decide to calculate their debts
They organize them into piles and Pip feels very accomplished
A note is slipped through their door
Pip reads the note and finds out Mrs. Joe has died and the funeral will be on Monday
Awareness and the acceptance of the consequences of ones choice.
Pip knows it is impossible to return to his old life, but he still regrets that his simple life and his friendship with Joe is gone. He acknowledges that without his riches, he would have no chance at all to get Estella. Pip thinks his riches have had negative effects on his relationship with Biddy and Joe.
The Finches of the Grove
"The true finches are passerine birds in the family Fringillidae. They are predominantly seed-eating songbirds."(Wikipedia)
The Finches are using Pip to get free alcohol and food. These men are not the kind of people Pip should be hanging around with but Pip thinks that since they are rich gentlemen, they are the perfect pipeline to success.
With the example of Darwin's Finches, Pip is going to find people like the Finches everywhere he goes, even though they may not seem detrimental to Pip.
"Occasionally, he shot himself out of his equipage headforemost over the apron; and I saw him on one occasion deliver himself at the door of the Grove in this unintentional way--like coals."(Ch. 34 page 282)
This quote is saying that Bentley Drummle would be so drunk that he would jump headfirst out of his carriage and then land on the doorstep, like a delivery of coal. Since coal was used to power everything in 19th century England, it was delivered to most people.
"In the meantime Mr. Pocket grew grayer, and tried oftener to lift himself out of his perplexities by the hair." (Ch. 34 Pg. 286)
This is trying to make Mr. Pocket look like he is not getting older, his hair is only graying because of stress. However, one of the main features of growing old is gray hair, so Dickens is just trying to make Mr. Pocket look better than he actually is by using a less negative description.
Discussion Topics
In what ways are the Finches like the Suitors in "The Odyssey?"
Is it necessary to be rich and live a lavish lifestyle to be a gentleman?
Ms. Havisham is out to get revenge on all men
Compeyson vs. Magwitch
Pip needs revenge against Orlick
Pg. 284
Discussion Questions
Could Pip wanting revenge lead to his downfall?
How does/will Pip cope with Mrs. Joe's death?
Class Structure
"Pocket-Handkerchiefs" - pg. 280
Show social class
They place their handkerchiefs upon their noses
Implies some sort of nose bleed or bad smell
It couldn't be a bad smell because the body would take up to 6 weeks for Mrs. Joe to start smelling bad
Dickens is playing with the reader in a way
There is no reason for them to place then handkerchiefs on their faces, except to show class, even at a funeral!
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