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Centeo technologies for Biomacromolecular crystallization

This presentation is a run through of Centeo's approach and technologies for streamlining biomacromolecular crystallization - find out more at www.centeo.com

Centeo Centeo

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Centeo technologies for Biomacromolecular crystallization

biomacromolecular crystallization - new strategies
...at the heart of the biomacromolecular crystallization effort is the fact that it is both very hard to effect a crystallization and it is very hard to form crystals of sufficient quality .
- partial success. i.e. phase separation, precipitation, microcrystals - this is great for Centeo as you know where you are on the phase diagram
we will demonstrate moving from partial success to crystals using the TG40
discussion on the enhancing the SCREENING and OPTIMIZATION of biomacromolecular crystallization
biomacromolecular crystallization
The effort is never linear - often go back or even produce new constructs
The probability of effecting a crystallization is less than 0.2% (requires over 700 experiments) - more effort in assessing failure than moving on with success.
Centeo's technology offers additional crystallization strategies without increasing your effort
reasons for iterating is often partial success: clear solutions, phase separation, precipitation, microcrystals
Enhance partial successes
Increase success upfront so it propagates through the entire effort
making this easier and informative
Phase separation
We want you here and temperature is the most direct route
we will be using the TG40
five temperature controlled zones
self powered - can be run without being connected to mains electricity and without being attached to a PC
standard SBS footprint so works with your current workflow
sitting drop configuration
five temperature zones
portable and mobile
and continues to operate under its own power
Small. portable multi-parallel temp. controller
40 microwells in a sitting drop configuration
TG40 remains powered and operational even under the microscope or on a liquid handler
scientist scoring the wells under the microscope the unit remains powered
accommodates 5 x TG40
all five T40 are independent on one another
offers 25 temperature zones
200 microwells
particular application in pre-screening
C3 software
controlling the TG40
controlling the TG200
temperature strategies available
constant temperature
temperature ramps
temperature oscillations
temperature profiles
Find the Goldilock's temperature for protein crystallization
Case Study Two
case study one - optimization
case study two - optimization
case study three
case study three - prescreening
Improving the screening and optimization crystallization workflow
an average improvement of the pre-screen by over 60%
60% improvement in success means performing 400 less experiments

60% improvement in efficency here
complimentary strategies here to turn partial success into success
TG40 insert holder
TG40 has an SBS footprint and so fits on most liquid handlers
for TTP's Mosquito and Art Robbins' Hydra use the insert holder
The TG40 technology is opaque so you have to view in reflectance mode
scoring the TG40
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