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The Perks of Being Wallflower

No description

Winsome Andrews

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The Perks of Being Wallflower

Sexual Abuse
Charlie was sexually abused by aunt Helen as a child every Saturday and she told them is was their "secret." She also bribed him with gifts and toys.
One of the major reasons why children don't tell that they were abused was because they were bribed causing confused feelings about the abuser and the abuse.
His Aunt Helen bribed him with gifts and Charlie kept quiet and made Aunt Helen his "favorite."
Charlie's Sister
Charlie's sister first disliked Charlie because of him telling his teacher about when her boyfriend hit her. Regardless of how she treated Charlie she asked for a ride to the clinic and Charlie still did it causing her to care for Charlie. She eventually gets over it when she goes out with Eric and learns to actually care a bit more for Charlie. She even cared enough to go to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
"Nothing" or Patrick is one of Charlies friends. "Nothing" tends to smoke a drink and is also a homosexual he used to play around with Brad until Brad's dad found out. "Nothing" became more depressed and violent when Brad ignores him and asks comfort from Charlie only to end up kissing Charlie. "Nothing" eventually got over Brad and visited Charlie in the hospital.
Drug Abuse
Two of the biggest drug abusers in the story were Bob and Charlie. Bob got charlie stoned at his first party and sold pot to Charlie. Charlie has gotten into a smoking addiction and has been smoking pot.
Teens sometimes take pot because of stress that could come from multiple sources peer pressure, problems at home, suicidal thoughts or events, or just troubling thoughts.
Charlie's friend Micheal committed suicide, we was first introduced to pot by Bob, and school and his past has been troubling him.
The Perks of Being Wallflower
By: Winsome Andrews

Grades in the story were A's and B's for Charlie and served so purpose in the story expect to make himself feel better.
In Maine high school students had an improved letter grade which made them feel far better with pictures of them launching others into the air.
Both prove that grades boost confidence.
Charlie was a quiet innocent teen just going into high school but changed into a teen who smokes often does drugs, and occasionally drinks. When he was young he was molested by his aunt, Helen, and she bribed him to be a "sponge" and he kept everything inside which eventually caused his mental issues. He was sent to a hospital after remembering his past and recovered.
Craig was Sam's boyfriend but is more selfish and his self righteousness shows when he cheats on Sam with some other girl. At the party his friend Peter "insisted" he tell Sam the truth an she let's her down "easy." He makes amends before Sam leaves.
Mary Elizabeth
Vapour Trail
by Ride
One of the songs was Vapour Trail by Ride
The Great Gatsby
One of the novels mentioned was
"The Great Gatsby" by
F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book is about Nick, our main character, moving to West Egg Long Island where he lives next to Gatsby a mysterious man who throws the best parties. He had a prewar love, Daisy, who is Nicks cousin so he helped them get together only for Gatsby to be charged with vehicular assault but also to get murdered.
TV Show
A show that was acknowledged was called "Love Boat". "Love Boat" is a romantic comedy that was aired on the ABC network and lasted a decade 1977-1987. "Love Boat" is a show where a new set of passengers would work through their problems with love every week aboard the Pacific Princess. It leaves the impression that no matter how strange the problem is love wins in the end.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
By: Stephen Chbosky

Susan was Micheal's girlfriend and friend of Charlie and she wore braces. Once she got into high school she becomes a person of lower intelligence around boys. Susan and Charlie were quite distant. When Charlie approaches Susan to ask if she missed Micheal she becomes far more distant.
Mary Elizabeth is one the characters Charlie meets when he first comes to Bob's house for a party. At first she is independent, stable, and "underground".She's a vegetarian, doesn't like her parents, her favorite color is green, and she wants to study movies. When she goes out with Charlie she craves conversation, debates, and opinion. Charlie also huts her when he kisses Sam instead of her. She now goes out with Peter who gives the debates she wants.
Love Boat Videos
The song describes love and lost and how all the times and memories are nothing but the sands of time being swept away or vapor slowly trailing away to nothing.
Song Description
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
A book by Stephen Chbosky his book follows Charlie, a 15 year old freshman who just starts high school. He first deals with the death of his friend and aunt and fights his feelings for Sam. Soon Charlie's sister goes out with her abusive boyfriend but Charlie spills the beans and Charlie's sister is angry at him. Charlie goes through witnessing rape, drug abuse, smoking, and remembering how his aunt molested him and yet he kept quiet and kept moving on.
Other Information
Stephen Chbosky wrote this novel using letters, making it an epistolary novel
Drugs and alcohol are often the first "solution" for becoming "numb" demonstrated by "Nothing".
"Smear the queer" was a game Charlie often played as a child before his doctor said that he gets too aggressive.
Sam gives Charlie a thoughtful speech on true friendship and takes it to heart
Bill told Charlie to participate and Charlie is going to need to since all of his friends are leaving for college.
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