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Utopian Society Project

No description

Emily Oliphant

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Utopian Society Project

Out of Darkness: Iustitia
Iustitian Declaration of Independence
We believe that society does not allow us to be truly equal. We believe that by regulating our own lives and choosing who represents us, we may be more free and equal. We believe that by living in a way that is sustainable and just, we will help to make our society a utopia.
Rules of Iustitia:

Official Seal
Do you like the ideas we proposed?

Do you wish your children could grow up here, be guaranteed a college degree, a job, and a home?

Do you wish that your government was as invested in your freedom and your happiness as we are?

Are you intrigued by the concept of a completely just government?

Take a look at our ad in the next slide!

1) Do not harm any creature.
2) All Children must attend school until age 18.
3) Submit requests to receive what is needed
4) Pay taxes to the government for its services to you.
5) Respect those in positions of authority.

"Justice and Peace"
Our seal includes a Labrador, a Lion, a Dragon and a group of arrows. These symbols represent our Freedom, our strength, and out unity.
Governing Body
The government is a Democratic Republic, a system wherein the people vote to elect representatives who vote on legislation. In our community, this legislation is introduced by citizens over the age of 18 who wish to change the community. The Representatives are elected for 1 year and then must step down. There is no one single leader or totalitarian dictator.
Daily Schedule
Sample schedule: Children and Adults
12:00-Lunch and Break
5:00-Free Time

*Work is assigned based
on interests, intelligence
and passion. All adults have
a college degree.

9:00-Class 1
10:00-Class 2
11:00- Class 3
12:00-Lunch and Recess
1:00-Class 4
2:00-Class 5
3:00-Class 6
4:00-Class 7
5:00-Free Time
Our official animal is the Labrador Retriever. The Labrador Retriever is important to our community because it represents compatibility and mixing of breeds. Also it represents freedom and kindness. This animal is also impartial to all humans and is equally affectionate to all.
See our sources at: http://easybib.com/public/list/key/1f2a6c
( Iustitia translates to Justice in Latin )
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