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Case 8C: Problem Photos and Public Outcry

No description

Erica Young

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Case 8C: Problem Photos and Public Outcry

Case 8C: Problem Photos and Public Outcry
Ethical Dilemma
To publish or not to publish?

6 News Values To Consider
: The number of people influenced by the subject of the story/image.
: Recent events have higher news value than earlier happenings
: people in the public eye have higher news value than obscure people.
: Stories about situations in one's home community are more newsworthy.
: Tragedy and trauma are newsworthy, if context is presented.
: More value is attributed to stories pertaining to issues or topics that are in the spotlight of public concern, in this case a campus concern.

Is the UFO story newsworthy?

The Facts
University of Florida
Found a 6-7 lb. infant
A student photographer captured the image of the police finding the body
Independent Florida Alligator
Veil of Ignorance
Takes away all bias when considering whether or not to post the picture
Focus would be in the effects that would take place if the picture were posted
Aristotle's Golden Mean
Motive of photo is to raise awareness (possibly correct action)
The photographer was trying to get the fact of the story
Happened to come across an opportunity to photograph and show the readers what he was seeing.
This can be controversial however because a “golden mean” can vary from person to person.
Key Stakeholders
Mother of the child
Public audience
School newspaper: Independent Florida Alligator
Investigators & Campus Police
Facts Continued
The photo was later published in the third page of the editors column in the student newspaper
The image would cause controversy
T.A.R.E.S. Test
The claims are truthful, the story being reported was not glamorized or made to receive extra attention

The photo was not doctored at all and all the negatives were originals so the claim is authentic

There is a lack of respect in publishing this photo for the dead infant and the mother who lost her baby.
There is not equity used, not all the readers were fairly warned that there would be a graphic photo in that issue of the newspaper
It was not socially responsible of the Alligator to post an image like this. It can be upsetting to the readers.
The Photograph

Veil of Ignorance
Aristotle's Golden Mean
As well as who it would hurt
In this case the veil would show not to post the picture
The picture being posted would only cause harm to the readers and those involved
Where do our loyalties lie?
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