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To Kill Mockingbird: Chapter 7

No description

Kaytlin Elkins

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of To Kill Mockingbird: Chapter 7

5. Evaluate: I don't believe that the tree was really dying, I think Mr. Radley didnt like Boo giving gifts or Mr.Radley no longer had gifts to give.
Page-63 Sentence-4-11

6. Analyze: I feel the mood of this chapter is mysterious because there are so many secrets.
Page-58 & 61 Paragraph-4 & 15

7. Evaluate: If I found a soap bar that was carved to look just like me from a mysterious person, I too would be creeped out.
Page-59 Last Sentence

8. Inquire: Why is Jem crying? Is it because the hole was covered, his pants, or is something else bothering him?
Page 63 Last Paragraph

9.Evaluate/Analyze- I don't understand why the children are so sad about the hole being filled. Is it because they want more presents or want to know who had left the gifts for them?
Page-62 & 63 Paragraph 9 & 12

10.Evaluate- I'm surprised Atticus doesn't wonder or ask more questions when the children show him the gifts they find.
Page-71 Paragraph-1-3
Kaytlin Elkins
To Kill Mockingbird: Chapter 7
Scout and Jem started a new school year. On the way home one day, Jem finally tells Scout what he'd been holding in since the night his pants were caught on the Radley's fence. When he went back to get his pants, they were folded over the fence and the rip had been sewn. As their conversation came to an end, Jem and Scout spotted a knot hole in a tree near the Radley house. At first they didn't want to take the items they found in the tree but after a few days they decided the items were for them. They decided to write a thank you note to the mysterious person that had been leaving the items to them but the next day they found the hole covered with cement. Both the children were disappointed. Mr. Radley said he covered the hole because the tree was dying but the tree was healthy so that was obviously not the reason.
1. Inquire: Why did it take so long for Jem to tell Scout about his pants?
Page-58 Paragraph- 2-10

2. Evaluate: The messy sewing of Jem's pants makes me think Boo Radley was the one that sewed and folded them back up for Jem, I find the sewed and folded pants very suspicious, just like the kids do.
Page-58 Paragraph-6-11

3. Analyze: The knot hole by the tree is a main subject or motif of this chapter.
Throughout chapter 7

4. Inquire: What is the real reason Mr. Radley covered the hole?
Page-62 Paragraph- 19 & 20
This song relates to chapter 7 in "To Kill a Mockingbird" because this is a mysterious chapter. The song talks about being tired of everything being a mystery, just as the children are. Also, the children are very curious and adventurous and the video and parts of the song seem the same,
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