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B the Word

A Presentation to The Bible Society from ABS

Rebecca Richman

on 4 December 2011

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Transcript of B the Word

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The People What You Told Us: Theme: Becoming a "B The Word" Church How the Bible Society can resource the local church.
How the church can live out the Bible's message in community & culture.
How to get involved. Product: Church leader engagement package

Primary Audience: Missions-focused church
leaders & gatekeepers

Results: Win attention.
Explore more.
Join in. What We Did. CONCEPT 1:
ABC's Showcases the mosaic of people
reached with Bible Society resources.

Vibrant & dynamic approach to show
the life of a church empowered by God's Word. The Big Idea: CONCEPT 3: GeoSpace CONCEPT 4:
Ripple Effect CONCEPT 5:
A Cut Above Going Further Leave -hind Next Steps The power and impact of God's Word extends
through the church, community and world,
like ripples on a pond.

Stretching the brand platform for a bold,
dramatic presentation. The Big Idea: The Big Idea A tight fit between form and function, emphasizing the living invitation to "B" the Word. 3 weeks
(May 10)
20-30 hr. Phase 3:
Build-out 12- Week Production Calendar Phase 1:
Concept Discovery 3 weeks
April 11
30 hr. gratis Phase 2:
Direction Focus 4 weeks
(June 15)
35-45 hr. Phase 4:
Approval/File release 2 weeks
(June 30)
10-15 hr. Total (Est.): £3100 – £4300 is for Badge The Big Idea: Beautiful, clean shapes and elements
to drive the storyline of an enlivened church. The Big Idea: Letters are the building blocks of words.
Words form messages that change the world.

Simple graphic approach to emphasize how
Bible Society provides the building blocks needed
for a compelling & contagious church. What it looks like: Marketing Presentation
To An The Word
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