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Cell amusement park

No description

Thomas Patterson

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell amusement park

!CELL ANALOGY OF AMUSEMENT PARK! PLASMA MEMBRANE The analogy of this organelle is the main gate of the theme park because it controls who goes in andout of the park similiar to the plasma membrane. NUCLEUS Nucleus' analogy of a theme park is the food court because it controls what people eat while at the amusement park.
Chromatin's analogy of a theme park is the people inside the park because they contain information of the park.
Nucleolus' analogy of an amusement park is their restaurants becuase they are at the center of everything that happens in the park similar to the nucleolus.
CYTOPLASM The analogy for this organelle is grass because it is what separates the rides from one another. This is similiar to the cytoplasm inside of a cell. Without this the organelles or the roller coasters would not be able to operate because they would be to close to each other. VACUOLE The analogy for this organelle is a vending machine because it stores food and water similiar to the capabilities of a vacuole in a real cell. OVERVIEW
10/25 Endoplasmic reticulum's analogy are the buses that run in andout of the park. The reason the two are similiar is becuase they both carry matter wherever they are.
Ribosome's analogy are the cooks that create the food at the park. The two are similiar because the both create protien and contain protien. ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM Food courts that roam around the park is the analogy of this organelle because the two are both not bounded to anything. FREE RIBOSOMES The people that buckle you in before you ride are similiar because in a golgi body it packages and sorts similiar to what the workers at the parks do. GOLGI BODY A clothing rack inside of a souverier shop is an analogy of this organelle be cause it sorts similiar to the capabilities of a centriole CENTRIOLE Roller coasters is an analogy of the organelle because both transfer potential energy into kinetic energy. MITOCHONDRIA
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