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ILO Library Services - Info Session (1 st Oct. 2012)

No description

Susana Cardoso

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of ILO Library Services - Info Session (1 st Oct. 2012)

Being a largely Digital Library (next 5 years)
ILO Library strategic plan 2013-2018
Targeting Audiences
Redesign and rewrite Library Web pages
Promotion and Visibility (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
New Services (remote access, value-added services). Looking to the future… 4303 reference questions (ILO officials)

10,965 document deliver

378,733 page views Labordoc

54,723 visits Labordoc (60% returning visitors + 40% new visits) Snapshot 2012 Ask a Librarian Contact us Resource Guides
Information Resources E-TOC Service Library Website Library Services ILO Library Services ILO Staff in Headquarters and the field
Governments, Workers' and Employers' Organizations
Partner Institutions
ILO researchers and outside researchers
Students in academic organizations
Press and media
General Public Audiences:

It serves as knowledge base of key information on work issues, sustainable livelihoods, and the work-related aspects of economic and social development, human rights and technological change; Our identity
ILO Library: your portal to the past, present and future News Alert Service Audiences But keep in mind there is so much more... Susana Cardoso The idea of today is to give you an overview of what goes on underneath the surface of the library... Thank you www.ilo.org/public/english/support/lib/intro Electronic Table of Contents
(E-TOC service) https://www.ilo.org/intranet/english/support/lib/about/journals.htm http://sfxhostedeu.exlibrisgroup.com/41ILO/az World of Work Alert ILO in the media INFORMALERT@ilo.org ILO databases

Journal articles
Resource guides Useful starting point for labour-related research Resources Susana Cardoso
0041227997825 Document Deliver informloan@ilo.org informs@ilo.org ILO Library Services ILO Library Multisearch Access to the collections

Document Delivery

Research Assistance Twice a week Daily 69 databases Knowledge and Library Services ASK A LIBRARIAN -informs@ilo.org
ILO Information Network - ILO Information
Services around the World LABORDOC http://www.ilo.org/public/english/support/lib/resource/guides.htm http://www.ilo.org/public/english/support/lib/resource/ilodatabases.htm (ILO Officials) World's largest collection of literature on the
world of work Core repository of ILO Publications
from 1919 to date ILO Library was created in 1919 at the time of the ILO's foundation Electronic tables of contents (e-TOCs)

Purchase of documents or
information products

News Alert Service. Library services (ILO Officials) Access to Journals Resources
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