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Digital Devices Unit 1 - 1.1

Activity sheet for GCSE ICT Unit 1 Topic 1.1

Andy Dolinski

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Digital Devices Unit 1 - 1.1

Digital Devices
In this lesson you need to describe certain digital devices.

Describing means saying what something is and then giving an example of it, an example of how it is used or an example of where it is used.

You also need to describe how digital devices are used by different people for different situations.
The devices
Describe the following devices (what is it and and give an add a picture showing what one looks like)
Mobile Phone
Personal Computer (portable, desktop)
Camera and Camcorder
Games Console
Home Entertainment
Media Players
Navigation Aids
The devices
You need to describe each digital device. In this case, you need to explain what each is and then give an example (you can use a picture or video). You should also say who is likely to use this type of device.
Digital devices are used for lots of different reasons.

Can you give some examples of digital devices that are used for different situations. Describe how they are used for that situation.
How are devices used?
Money Management
Health & wellbeing
You need to write a short poem about your favorite digital device.

Your poem might be about how you feel about the device or how you use it...it is entirely up to you!

The best poem earns the student of the fortnight award!
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