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Teaching Literacy in a Digital World

No description

Amanda Burns

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Literacy in a Digital World

Teaching Literacy in a Digital World Amanda Klare
4th Grade
Beechwood Independent School District
NKWP What the experts say about using technology to teach literacy: Teaching the New Writing (2009)
"..advances in communications technologies began to make it possible for teachers to work with the new writing as a social, as well as individual, process." Writing for the real world Use different websites within your lessons (Literacy Shed is my favorite!)
Don't be afraid to use technology to teach the content Different approaches to transforming
your room into a 21st century classroom Go to www.edmodo.com
If you don't already have an account; create a teacher one for free.
Join my group for this conference to share ideas with your new KYSTE colleagues. (Enter this code: 5tvfza) Edmodo Try to join a community under Edmodo.
This is a great place to see how teachers
incorporate technology into their
teaching of literacy. Why re-create the wheel when someone
already has great resources to share with you! Learnzillion Use the I-pod touch
or I-pad in the classroom! (Dare we even say "BYOD" !?) QR Codes
Educreations/Screen-chomp/Show Me videos
Create videos to record songs written
Digital write arounds
Socrative Let students create something "Awesome!"
MyStory App
-Illustrate and narrate a story to meet the standards amanda.klare@beechwood.kyschools.us Tween Tribune www.tweentribune.com -Make classes; assign user-
names and passwords for
your students.
-Meet the common core
standards! -Linked directly to the new common core ELA and
math standards
-Can use as an app on Edmodo (It's free!) or you can go to www.learnzillion.com.
-Students should have their own Learnzillion usernames and passwords.
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