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What's the mystery @ your library

No description

Jeannette Baughman

on 14 August 2018

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Transcript of What's the mystery @ your library

What's the mystery @ your library

Library Hours
7:30am - 4:00pm

Open during lunch

Find the clues here @your library
Could you find the clues in Books?
Or on the Computers?
Maybe near the Circulation
Come join us in the library for monthly activities

Books that provide factual information; such as real people, places and events.
You will find them with a Dewey Decimal Call Number.
Example: 796 Sav
Fiction books are books about imaginary people, places and events like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Fiction books can be hardback or paperback.

Call number: F Row or PB Row
Ms. Rodriguez
Who to ask

Mrs. Baughman
The reference collection is a collection of non-fiction informational works that may be checked out overnight. These include an assortment of dictionaries, thesauruses , atlases, and encyclopedias.
Call number: R 973 Ame
Biography books are about the lives of famous real people.
Call number: 92 Lincoln
Periodicals are newspapers and magazines. These can be checked out just like a book, but they must be returned within one week.
Call number: M Tim
Martha Dudley Collection
Martha Dudley Collection is a special collection in memory of a former teacher who taught at ALMS and who loved books.

The call number is MD F Alv.
It was a dark and stormy night as I strolled up to the library. Actually… it was 7:30 in the morning, sunny and about 75 degrees. I saw the Kid waiting by the door, peering in through the glass. He was lookin’ more eager than a rodeo bull in his chute; I opened the door and he stampeded right in.
Before long I could see him wandering through the stacks. I could tell he wasn’t finding his quarry. He was more lost than a snake in a shoe store; not sure how he got there and not seeing anything he needed, and more than a little scared of being stepped on.
But before I could help him, the kid headed straight to our computer. I thought he had it all figured out, that’d he be fine, but I was wrong. The kid wasn’t sure what to do next. He was like an orangutan on a pipe organ; hitting all the keys but not making any music.
I motioned the Kid over. “What’re you looking for, Kid?” I ask him. He tells me his looking for Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby, a good read. So I take him to a computer, and together we track down the book. But there’s a problem…it’s already checked out!
It’s a week before I see the Kid again. He’s there first thing that morning. I reach behind me to the holding cart, and as I turn back around he’s already waiting. He grins like a Chesire Cat as I hand him his long sought book, and I remind him, that if he ever needs help again, all he has to do is ask. Case closed.
Library Webpage
The library webpage provides links to Destiny, databases and other interesting information.
Destiny: Online card catalog
The online card catalog is used to search for books. You may search by keyword, author, subject, or title
You may also used Destiny to search the internet through Webpath Express
What are databases? They are reliable websites that the district pays for to provide you with accurate information.
We use Cavendish Square, Britannica, EBSCO and Discovery Education Streaming. Check them out!
They can be found on the library webpage. To access the databases you need the username and password. They are found under the "Lock" link the webpage.
You may use the computers or Chrome books to type your reports, print flyers or do power point presentation.

Please ask before printing, Thank you
Computers or Chrome books
To use the internet you will need to check out a Library Computer Pass. To check one out give your ID to library staff and they will check the computer to see if your parents gave permission for you to use the internet.
Place the Computer Pass in the plastic holder at the top right corner of the computer monitor. When you are done using the computer return the Pass to circulation desk and pick up your ID
What are Holds? If you find a book you would like to read and it is checked out by someone else, you may place a Hold on the book so when it comes in it will be reserved for you.

You will need your ID card to check out a book or magazine. You may check out up to 10 books or magazines. The check out period for a book is 14 days and a magazine is 7 days.
Check out
Where to return your books
Return all books and magazine in the Book Return slot when you come in.
When looking at books and you decide you do not want the book, please place it on the small shelving cart by the circulation desk instead of placing them on the shelves. We will be happy to re-shelve them for you.

Mystery solved !!
Today we've learned:
Who: The library staff are, in case you ever need help.
What: The library's rules are to make sure everyone can enjoy it.
Where: To find both books and information for class.
When: The library is open for use.
Why: You should make time to visit and enjoy your library.

Mrs. Hodges
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