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Kristi Hearne

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Japan

Japan is 145,882 sq miles (sz of Cali) & has 128 million people living there. CLIMATE.
Japan experiences all four seasons, however it varies where you go. The south is more tropical while the north can get bitterly cold! . CLIMATE AFFECT FOOD?
Because Japan gets all four seasons,
their food is seasonal. They consume
mainly fresh foods. GEOGRAPHY
Japan is located in eastern asia, however, it is an island in the North Pacific. It has 4 main islands Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, shikoku. Japan has both volcanos & mountains. Mount Fugi (volcano) is the highest point. GEOGRAPHY & FOOD?
Japan mainly uses seafood because,
there is little room for farming,
it's mainly mountains or valcanos. MAIN AGRICULTURE
Japan mainly consumes seafood,
such as, fish, shrimp, eel, seaweed.
Their carb source is rice, it is served
with pretty much everything. They don't
eat alot of meat, besides seafood, therefore,
they consume alot of tofu. Their main fruit
source are oranges & grapefruit. JAPANESE HISTORY
In 300 BC, rice was introduced to
Japan. In 530-710 Japan followed Buddhism
primarely. 1467 Japan was involved in the Onin
War & in 1542 Christianity was introduced.
Japan entered WW2 in 1941 by launching an attack
on Pearl Harbor. In 1945 Japan surrenders due
to two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima &
Nagasaki. Japan's main language is Japanese. GOVERNMENT & RELIGION
Their government is a constitutional monarchy.
Their main religions are Shinto, Buddhism, &
Main industry is Toyota cars, &
computers & electronics. Their main
trading sources are China & USA NATIVE CUSTOMS
Japan has traditionaly tea ceremonies to honor one another. These ceremonies are very strict with rules & was created by Buddha. HOLIDAY
Aug 6th, an atomic bomb was dropped
on Hiroshima. A little girl died from the
bomb and fumes. It is considered lucky in
Japan to make 1,600 paper cranes, she
was right in the middle. Now every Aug 6th,
paper cranes are placed at the memorial in
her honor. EXOTIC FOODS
Fugu (served as sashimi) is the most
dangerous & exotic food in the world.
Fugu is a hazardous fish (some are
poisonous) SPICES
Cumin, cayenne, green leafs
Fukushima, Shunsuke. Japanese
Cooking (The essential asian cooking).
North Clarendon: Periplus Editions,

http://linbrary.thinkquest.org, Japanese
government, 2006.

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Ming Tsai, 2008.

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