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Unit 17 - Assignment 1 - Task 2

No description

John Crane

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Unit 17 - Assignment 1 - Task 2

Available Resources
In this presentation I will be explaining the resources available to the project manager along with describing 3 different project methodologies that can be used in a project.
Most business projects will require information to exist, luckily the information required might be available in another system. If so you can build a feed into this system so that you can use and add to the existing information as well as adding in new information. In addition to including these functions you might also want to allow your project to supply information to other systems.
Equiptment & Facilities
A Project can be limited by the available equiptment or facilities, it is vital that you have access to the required equitment in order to proced with the project. When planning the project available resources need to be taken into consideration.
Project Methodologies
Project methodologies are used in order to help a team of people work more efficiently in order to achieve a goal or a task. There are multiple methodologies; each of which have there benifits and negatives.
The reliblity of a project all depends on the people that are included in the project - they will need to come together as a team and everyone will need to play their part. It's vital that the right staff are hired for the job, for example there's no point hiring a website designer if you require a software enginer.
Finace is one of the most important yet one of the most limiting factors of a project, it is required to be able to purchase necessary equiptment, pay for the use of facilities, along with paying for staff. This is where budgeting the available finace comes in, by budgeting the available finance you can see how much money is spare and how much is required.
Unit 17 - Assignment 1 - Task 2
Six Sigma
Six Sigma was designed by motorola in 1986 in order to remove any defect or errors in a project, product or service; due to this Six Sigma is the most effective methodology when it comes to improving the performace of a company.
Prince2 or PROMPT as it was know back in 1975 when it was developed. Prince2 is a process driven methodology, it consists of 8 processes which is as follows; Start Project, Planning, Initiate Project, Direct project, Control Stage, Manage product delivery, Manage stage boundaries, Close project.
The Waterfall methodology are usually used in short projects, however for the waterfall methord to work you must know the requirements, they need to be clear and fixed as once the process has started it isnt easy to go back as the process flows down like a waterfall.
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