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Beowulf: Heroic Deeds Then & Now

No description

Nick Foxx

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf: Heroic Deeds Then & Now

Beowulf: Heroic Deeds Then & Now
Heroic Deeds of Then
Protecting your people from war
Physically saving their lives
Killing invaders (monsters)
Long journeys
Heroic Deeds of Now
Protecting your country (people)
Proactive work to avoid conflict/war
Helping those in need (starving/poor)
Heros of then and now are alike in that they protect and serve the people of their country, society, and/or minority.
Heros of today differ from those of Epics such as Beowulf, in that heros of older times defeated "monsters," and went to war to gain land, respect, and protect their people. Whereas heros of today are usually more proactive in trying to prevent having to resort to war as a soulution for their protection. Also, heros of today are found on a much more broad spectrum other than just fighting.
Heros of then and now are very similar as far as which values are seen as heroic, however differ greatly in which actions are seen as heroic.
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