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Copy of The Count of Monte Cristo (2)

Senior Project

Eduardo Colin

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Count of Monte Cristo (2)

The Count
Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas Author: Born on July 24 1802 inVillers-Cotterêts
Born into and raised in poverty
Began his career writing theater plays
His novels have been translated into 100 different languages
Mother fear the he would face discrimination because of his African background Setting: Marseilles,France The Chatau D'if Built by King Frances I in 1854
Built to protect France from any sea attacks
Never had to fight off an actual attack
Later turned into a prison Edmond Dantes's Cell Second largest city in France after Paris
Has 1.6 million people
Made famouns by the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo"
This is Edmond Dantes's hometown Characters: Edmond Abbe Faria Mercedes The main character (Protagonist)
He is framed for a crime he did not commit
Edmond is sentenced to spend life in prison
Escapes from prison after 13 years
Turns from a honest and loving person into a bitter, vengeful man
After his escape he become The Count of Monte Cristo An italian priest that becomes a second father to Edmond
He helps Edmond to understand why he's in prison
Teaches Edmond many different languages, science, math, and history
Also has a vast fortune which he decides to give half too Edmond after they escape together
doesn't want Edmond to seek vengeance tells him "Vengeance is a poison that will eat you alive" Edmond's girlfriend
Is about to marry Edmond when he get arrested
Never finds out what happened to Edmond
She marries Fernand Mandego who is Edmond's best friend
She never stops loving and wondering what happened to Edmond Alexandre Dumas Criticism: The Count of Monte Cristo is viewed as a story of unconventional revenge, adultery, torture
- People who haven't read the book believe it is children's adventure book Aggravated Robbery Charge? On November of 1979, Cornelius Dupree Jr was accused of robbery of a vehicle and rape of a 26 year old women
Spent 30 years in jail
Was entitled to $80,000 per year in prison (2.4 Million)
Released in 2010 What if that were you? Would you seek revenge for the time taken away from your life? Fernand Mondego Fernand is Dantes's competition for Mercedes love, He also has a part in the framing of Edmond imprisonment. He marries Mercedes and later becomes The Count of Mocerf
Becomes very welthy and powerful
He is the frist to feel the revenge of The Count (Dantes) Boran Danglars Danglars is the main guy that comes up with the idea to frame Edmond,Danglar's like Mandego also becomes very wealthy and powerful. He is the only one that Edmond doesn't kill. Gerard De Villefort Villefort is the son of Napolean follower who dosen't want anybody to know, Villefort is one that judes and dertermains that Edmond is gulity and sentences him to life in prison. The translation o f novel sounds good but the use modern idioms are out of place
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