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Art History Project- Ancient Near East Persia

No description

Dean Scafidi

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Art History Project- Ancient Near East Persia

The Apadana of Persepolis 521-465 BCE The Apadana, or audience hall, was
commissioned for construction
by Darius I It was on this spot that the great king
received tributes from all the
nations in the empire. Question 1
What does the word Apadana mean?
a. Audience Hall
b. Davis Wade Stadium
c. Cowbells
d. Lee Hall Question 2
Who commissioned the construction of
the Apadana?
a. Jack Cristil
b. Lori Neuenfeldt
c. Darius I
d. Tyler Russell Question 3
What event was carved into the stairways?
a. The Gift exchange of the New Year's Festival
b. Cowbell Yell
c. The Egg Bowl
d. Bulldog Bash Art History I
Ancient Near East Persia
Dean, Ricardo, Nick, Kate, Cameron, Victoria THE END!
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