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The Center for Teaching and Learning

No description

David Dees

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of The Center for Teaching and Learning

What did we take from Tuesday?
1. What surprised you?
2. What worries you?
3. What questions do you have as we move forward?
Where are we now?
(Data Discussion)
1. What surprises you about this data?
2. What worries you about this data?
3. What questions arise from this data?
What should we focus on?
(Priority setting the strategic Plan)

Let's do the ranking exercise......
1. Select the ones you think are most important.
2. Explain your selection to your colleagues.
3. Move and change as you see fit.
4. Analyze what we have selected.
for a future meeting.....
How do you see your role/s in the center fitting in with both these kindness qualities and the strategic plan elements?
Faculty Contact Totals
Mild Interaction: 475
Internationally Recognized Center for Teaching and Learning
The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Road Ahead
(in honor of Judy!!!)

Let's finish the "Power of Kindness Qualities"
Let's set target goals for next year.
Then, back to our questions........
surprises, worries, future questions
Moderate Interaction: 105
Intense Interaction: 44
Total: 624
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