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Individual SWOT Analysis on Spain

An analysis of Spain's social, econominc, and political events. It will provide a sense of Spain's strengths, threats, opportunities, and weaknesses.

Alexander Reimund

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Individual SWOT Analysis on Spain

Spain: SWOT Analysis By: Alexander Reimund Thesis Spain is in the middle of economic crisis and has been working hard to get out of it. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Economic:
Spain has been trying to ease debt by closing down businesses. They have also been selling bonds and creating budgets for things like the Olympics. Economic:
According to the international Monetary Fund, Spain's economy is going to get worse this year. Spanish airline, Ryanair, is slashing flights to protest against high airport taxes. Political:
If the Senate approves a new law against homeowners renting out their properties to tourists, it will make this practice illegal. Political:
Spain has held their first ever election of a major political party on the Rock of Gibraltar. Social:
The people of Spain are being burgled by insurers and having their housing illegally bulldozed. Economic:
Non-residents are being warned about a tax they must pay if they own property in Spain. The government will also tighten the conditions of their elderly workers to save around 6.5 billion dollars. Political:
Since shark fishers in Spain are failing an eco-friendly test, their will be a law made to ultimately stop finning. Social:
Spain will be upgrading their television satellites and keeping the Almeria Aquarium open with help of many groups and individuals who have shown them their support. Political:
In Gibraltar, same sex couples are getting legal recognition. This means that they will receve legal rights related to tax, pension, and property. Economic:
Spain has had many buisnesses that are cutting a major amount of jobs and Gibraltar has risen the bus fare prices by 50%. Social:
Protests and strikes are being held against drilling and job cuts. There are also new direct flights from Gibraltar and the Midlands, which is a popular route for many. Social:
After tests, Aldi has found up to 100% horse meat in products from their beef supplier. However, some chefs are serving the horse meat as a national delicacy Profile Do you know where Spain is?
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