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The Book of Negroes

No description

Raye Negatu

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of The Book of Negroes

Treatment of Slaves
When Meena was 12, her master, Mr. Appleby raped her. While doing so, he repeatedly said "Who owns you?" (Hill 184) She says "I felt like everything inside me was draining out. 'African whore,' Appleby said... I couldn't move, trapped in my own pain and shame." (Hill 184)
Sierra Leon Company
The Book of Negroes
Effect of Slavery
The Book of Negroes
Effect on Slaves
Aminata describes the ship as "a Lion's anus" (Hill 76).

"Fanta brought the knife from the medicine man's room... dug the tip of the knife into the baby's neck and ripped his throat open" (Hill 103)
Effect on Slavers
There were slavers who were less brutal to their slaves. Some of the traders felt guilty about the slave trade and participated in the abolition movement.
"The guard smiled at me. 'I was going to do it for you anyway,... I know who you are... You taught my daughter at St. Paul's Chapel, and she reads fine now. She taught me some reading too, after you taught her." (Hill 342)
Abolition Movement
Stanely Hastings said "the most we can ask is to stop slave trade" (Hill 115).
The book is about the power and strength in human nature.The main character Aminata, or Meena, survives many hardships through communication, trust, and human connection.

"survival has nothing to do with virtue" ( Hill 114)

By Lawrence Hill
Lawrence Hill is the son of an African American Father and a White American mother. His grandfather and great-grandfather were both university educated ordained ministers. His parents were Human Rights Activists and this influenced Hill growing up.
The book talks about the journey of the main character, Aminata (or Meena), throughout her life after she is kidnapped into slavery.
Major Theme of the Book
Slaves were often beat or whipped by slave owners. They weren't allowed to marry without the consent of the master so many married in secret. The slaves were owned entirely so the separations of families were legal and common.
" You will be free as any Loyalist." (Hill 321)
John Clarkson
"Another man smacked Jason in the head with a rifle butt. 'You've gone spoiled my fun... I was gonna play with him a little. Teach him a lesson. Kill him slow.'
(Hill 386)
"You didn't know all of us, but we all loved you... because you were taking care of us" (Hill 387)
Thomas Clarkson
"Remember your mama and papa. You carry them in your heart. Listen to them. They will tell you what to do" (Hill 121)
Human Connection
Meena is constantly trusting the wrong people and that leads to many of her traumas. However, it also leads to many of her miracles.
Meena uses communication to get close to the white community and the support of the black community. This support helps her more ways than one.
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