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Copy of Copy of NGRI PREZI

National Grid Jurisdiction mtg

lyn rosoff

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of NGRI PREZI

The Rhode Island Energy Challenge:
"Find Your Five" THANK YOU!

For more information contact:

Toni Bouchard
Vice President

tbouchard@smartpower.org Provide customized campaign materials and tool kit
Provide on-going organizational support to your point person
Lead workshops and meetings
Showcase and promote results via media and social media
Provide recognition to winner What We’ll Do Create a Challenge
Be a leader (get personally involved)
Communicate with your constituencies via newsletters, emails, signage, kick off event, facebook and twitter.
Host workshops and meetings
Make campaign visible inside your organization
Identify a point person within your organization
Tweet/post about your own involvement How Organizations Get Started Get 10% of your constituents to participate in the challenge.

You and your top energy reducer will be declared “Rhode Island Energy Champions.” How Partners “Win”

1. With Opower Social we create an on-line Customized Challenge with your community;

2. They invite their friends & Neighbors to participate;

3. We provide campaign materials;

4. We’ll coordinate a campaign kick off and provide regular emails and events to motivate participants.

5. We’ll use social and traditional media to highlight campaign progress. How it Works Dept of Environmental Resources ✔
Rhode Island Interfaith Power and Light ✔
Rhode Island Audubon Society,
Save the Bay,
Environmental Council of Rhode Island,
Brown Environment Action Network,
Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living,
Roger Williams Zoo
People’s Power and Light
University of Rhode Island
Hasbro Children’s Hospital
For Discussion:
Barrington, Newport, S. Kingstown, and Warwick. Target List: Municipalities
Key community organizations
Large employers
Faith Communities
Schools & Colleges We’re Recruiting Partners "Find Your Five" makes actions clear.

Our 16 week campaigns keeps it focused.

Participating organizations asked to motivate members, get 10% participation. Rhode Island Energy Challenge
1. Join the Challenge
2. Find Your Five Rhode Island Energy Challenge We Make Our Campaigns Fun We will adjust messages to take into account seasonal issues and log jams. 1. Sign up for "Energy Wise" home energy assessment.
2. Use the National Grid on-line home energy audit tool
3. Remove that 2nd refrigerator
4. Install CFLs or LEDs
5. Unplug and turn off “Find Your Five” In partnership
with National Grid We help people make smart energy choices by educating and motivating people to buy renewable energy and be more energy efficient. SmartPower's Research 84% <3% of Americans say they
will buy clean energy
or become more
energy efficient actually do Mission: About SmartPower We implement community-based campaigns that educate regular people to become energy efficient. The SmartPower COR Approach C O R ommunity outreach nline platforms/social marketing ewards & Incentives "Lead By Example" is key!
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