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Before I Fall

No description

Tsinat Semagn

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Before I Fall

Harvard Business Review
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By Tsinat Semagn
Original Book Cover
The Protagonist and Antagonist are both Samantha Kingston, the main character of the story. I think so because all throughout the novel, Samantha goes against herself to change the way things are along with the outcome of her life.

The other characters that are mentioned many times in the story include...

-Lindsay Edgecombe, Elody, and Ally Harris (Samantha’s best friends)
-Kent McFuller (Samantha’s old friend which she tried to avoided in the beginning of the story but got closer to around the climax of the story)
-Juliet Sykes (one of Samantha’s classmates which Samantha and her friends bully.)

The novel, Before I Fall, takes place in present day Ridgeview, Connecticut on Friday, February 12.
Being popular vs Doing what’s right

Samantha was popular and would get away with everything but after the car accident, she slowly begins to realize that what she was doing was wrong and starts to become a better person. At the end of the novel, she does what’s right by sacrificing herself to save someone she and her friends bullied.
Internal Conflict: Character vs Self
An Internal Conflict is a primary struggle between different aspects of a single personality.
External Conflict: Character vs World
An External Conflict is a struggle occurring outside the mind of a character.
Internal Conflict (Character vs Self):
External Conflict (Character vs World):
Samantha vs Death

After Samantha dies in a car accident, she keeps reliving her death seven times. When Samantha wakes up the next morning and it’s the same day, she thinks she is going crazy because she is sure she died the previous night. After a couple of days, Samantha gets news that one of her classmates she and her friends bullied is trying to commit suicide. Sam feels drawn to help Juliet. At the end of the novel, Sam sacrifices herself to save Juliet and the cycle of reliving that Friday comes to an end.

Before I Fall is a Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy novel.

Rising Action: Samantha dies unexpectedly after a party but wakes up the next morning the same day. She doesn’t realize that she is reliving the day of her death until her sister, Elizabeth “Izzy” Kingston keeps telling her that it is Friday, not Saturday. Sam becomes confused because she is positive that she died the previous day.

Climax: On the third day of reliving her death, Samantha gets news at Ally’s house that Juliet committed suicide. Everyone is devastated because they couldn’t believe someone would commit suicide because of what they did except Lindsay. While Ally and Elody leave the room out of anger, Sam excuses herself and goes to the basement. There, she finds the school yearbooks and starts to flip through the pages. She turns to the third grade where she finds Lindsay and Juliet sitting together and having fun. She turns to the fourth grade in the next yearbook and finds the same results. She then realizes that Lindsay and Juliet used to be best friends.

Falling Action: On the fifth day of reliving her death, Samantha witnesses Elody and Juliet die after a party. She keeps blaming herself because if she had saved Juliet, there would be have been no car accident. Samantha vows that she will save Juliet because she was sure that Juliet was her ticket out of reliving the 12th of February.
Resoloution: On the sixth day of reliving her death, Sam discovers Lindsay’s dark secret. It ruined Juliet's social life and led to years of torment before it eventually led her to commit suicide. On the last day of reliving the day of her death, Sam follows Juliet out to the road and sacrifices herself to save Juliet. The cycle of reliving that February 12th immediately stops.

Theme: In my opinion, the theme of the novel, Before I Fall, is 'live your life without doing anything you might regret because you won’t get another chance to fix your mistakes’. I think this is the theme of the book because Samantha had made many mistakes throughout her life and after the first few days of reliving her death, she began to realize how badly she had treated people so she began to change. However, if she hadn’t had the seven days to change herself, all the harsh words and actions that she had taken place in the world would stay in the world because she would not have been alive to fix them.

Mood: Before I Fall has a happy mood at the beginning, a hopeful mood from the falling action to the end of the book, and a sad mood at different places all throughout the book.

1) This novel has a powerful message. It tells us to treat others the way we would want to be treated because there will be a time where we won’t be able go back and change the way we were to people. We won’t have seven chances like Samantha did to change ourselves.

2) This novel is very interesting. Before I Fall constantly kept me flipping pages. The characters are well described by their actions and the story has an outstanding plot and conflict.
3) This novel has a mixture of emotions. The different types of moods that the author, Lauren Oliver, included in this amazing novel helped me to feel what the characters were feeling therefore it gave me an image in my mind about what was happening all throughout the book.
Samantha is mean to everyone and expects them to practically cater her. On the way home from a party with her best friends, they get into a car accident and she suddenly dies, two day before Valentines day. Oddly, Samantha wakes up reliving that same day again for a week. Samantha must try unravel the mystery surrounding her death.
This story has an internal and external conflict.
Before I Fall is an amazing novel because...
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